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Veltheimia bracteata Forest Lily - Semi-deciduous bulb to 1' tall spreading to 2' wide with pale rose-pink flowers in winter-spring. Light shade. Regular/occasional water. Hardy 20-25F  [Veltheimia viridifolia] 
Veltheimia bracteata Pastel Series Pastel Forest Lily - Semi-deciduous bulb 1' tall spreading to 2' wide w/yellow, peach or pink flwrs in winter-spring. Light shade. Regular/occasional water. Hardy to 20F.  [Veltheimia viridifolia, V. bracteata 'Aurea'] 
Veltheimia bracteata 'Yellow Comet' Yellow Forest Lily - Semi-deciduous bulb to 1' tall spreading to 2' wide with yellow flowers in winter-spring. Light shade. Regular/occasional water. Hardy to 20-25F  [Veltheimia viridifolia, V. bracteata 'Aurea'] 
Veltheimia capensis Sand Lily - Deciduous bulb to 1' tall with blue gray leaves and reddish pink flowers in fall into winter. Full sun. Summer Dry. Hardy to at least 28 degrees F.  [Velthemia glauca] 
Verbascum bombyciferum 'Arctic Summer' Mullien - Biennial w/clumps 18" tall by 4' wide of large gray lvs w/yellow flwrs in spring. Full Sun. Well drained soil. Occasional/regular H2O.Hardy to <0F.   
Verbena bonariensis Purple Top - Clump forming perennial to 4-6' tall with purple flowers in spring-fall. Full sun. Drought tolerant. Hardy to 10 degrees F.   
Verbena lilacina 'De La Mina' Cedros Island Verbena - Evergreen perennial 2' tall w/ feathery foliage & clusters of fragrant purple, star-shaped flowers. Full/Part sun. Hardy to 25 F. SBBG Intro.  [Glandularia lilacina] 
Vestia foetida Chilean Box Thorn - Evergreen shrub 4-6' tall w/dark green lvs & yellow pendulous flwrs spring-summer. Full sun. Well drained soil. Regular-Occasional H2O. Hardy to 15F.  [V. lycioides, Periphragmos foetidus, Cantua sp.] 
Vitex trifolia 'Purpurea' Arabian Lilac - Evergreen shrub/ small tree 10-15' tall & wide w/green & purple lvs & late summer-winter lavender flwrs. Full/part sun. Occasional H2O. Hardy to 20F.  [V. trifoliata var. purpurea, V. ' Fascination'] 
Vitis 'Roger's Red' Roger's California Grape - Deciduous vine that can grow 25-40 ft. tall w/dull green leaves that turn a rich red in autumn. Plant in sun/ shade. Low water needs. Hardy to <15 F.   
Vitis vinifera 'Purpurea' Purpleleaf Grape - Deciduous vine w/10-20' long stems of lobed purple lvs, green flwrs & purple fruit. Full sun. Occasional to infrequent H2O. Hardy to 0F.   
Vriecantarea 'Julietta' PP26,259 Large bromeliade 3' tall by 4' wde w/broad purple tinged leaves. Bright shade and regular irrigation. Protect from cold.  Vriesea 'Julietta' 
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