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Echeandia texensis Texas Shooting Star - Cormous plant 1-2' tall w/grass-like pale green lvs & tall stalks of yellow flwrs in fall. Full/part sun. Little to Occasional H2O. Hardy to 5F.   
Echeveria 'Afterglow' Rosette forming succulent to 1' tall by 12-16" wide w/pink-lavender gray lvs. Full sun/ light shade. Well drained soil. Hardy to at least mid 20's F.   
Echeveria agavoides 'Lipstick' Rosette forming succulent w/red edged lvs to 6" tall x 1'wide. Red & yellow flwrs in spring. Sun (Coastal) /Shade. Low h2o needs. Hardy to 15-20 F.   
Echeveria agavoides 'Maria' Wax Agave - Rosette forming succulent w/red edged lvs to 1' tall & wide. Red & yellow flwrs in spring. Sun (Coastal) /Shade. Low water needs. Hardy to 14 F.   
Echeveria agavoides 'Prolifera' Carpet Echeveria - Rosette succulent to 1' tall/ wide w/green lvs tinged red & red & yellow flwrs in spring. Sun (Coastal) /Shade. Little H2O. Hardy to 15-20 F.  [E. agavoides 'Pink', E. agavoides var. prolifera] 
Echeveria agavoides 'Romeo' Romeo Wax Agave - Rosette forming succulent w/rgray-purple red edged lvs & red & yellow flwrs in spring. Sun (Coastal) /Shade. Low water needs. Hardy to 14 F.   
Echeveria cante Rosette-forming succulent to 1' wide with blue-green lvs w/white waxy coating. Orange flwrs in summer. Bright light, good drainage. Hardy to 20-25F.  [Echeveria subrigida, Hort., E. rosei] 
Echeveria coccinea Red Echeveria - Succulent 1-2' tall by 2-4' wide w/leafy stems of silver soft hairy lvs & orange-red flwrs Winter/Spring. Full sun/shade. Litte H2O. Hardy to 25F.  [Cotyledon coccinea, E. longifolia] 
Echeveria colorata 'Mexican Giant' Mexican Giant Echeveria - Succulent w/1' wide rosettes of white waxy lvs & orange & yellow flwers. Full sun. Water gently w/o removing wax on lvs. Drought tolerant. 20-25 F.  [Echeveria 'Mexican Giant'] 
Echeveria derenbergii Painted Lady - Succulent with 3" wide rosettes. Forms solid clumps.Yellow flowers in spring. Full sun. Drought tolerant. 15-20 degrees F.   
Echeveria 'Dick's Pink' Succulent w/8-10" wide rosettes of purple to blue green lvs w/frilly pink margins. Full sun, well draine soil. Little H2O required. Hardy to 25F.   
Echeveria 'Dondo' Small clumbing rosette forming succulent w/gray-green leaves & orange-yellow flwrs winter-spring. Cool sun/light shade. Little H20. Hardy to 20F.   
Echeveria elegans Mexican Snowball - Succulent with tight rosettes to 4" wide. Pink & yellow flowers in spring-summer. Full sun. Drought tolerant. 20-25 degrees F.   
Echeveria elegans 'Super Clone' Large Mexican Snowball - Olive-green to white leaves crowded to form a tight rosette .Bears light pink flowers on inflorescences. Drought tolerant. Part shade. 20-25 degrees F   
Echeveria fulgens Rosette-forming succulent to 8" wide w/gray-green lvs w/pink tips. Pink & orange flwrs in summer. Sun/light shade & good drainage. Hardy to 20-25F.  [E. retusa, Cotyledon fulgens] 
Echeveria gibbiflora Oreja de burro - Clustering w/large rosettes of gray-green lvs on 1-2' stems. Red & yellow flwrs fall-winter. Full sun/light shade. Regular/little H2O. Hardy to 25F.   
Echeveria gibbiflora 'David Harris' Cluster forming w/large rosettes of gray-green tinged purple lvs on 1-2' stems. Full sun/light shade. Regular/little H2O. Hardy to 25F.   
Echeveria gigantea Giant Hens and Chicks - Large rosettes of gray-green lvs rise up on a 1-2' stems w/rose-red flwrs fall-winter. Full coastal sun/light shade. Regular/little H2O. Hardy to 25F.   
Echeveria 'Golden Glow' Golden Hens and Chicks - Rosette forming succulent w/spoonshaped red tipped yellow-green lvs w/pink & yellow flwrs. Full sun (best color)/shade. Little H20. Hardy to <27F.   
Echeveria 'Latte Rose' Brown Ghost Plant - Succulent with tight rosettes of pale brown leaves. Plant in full coastal sun to bright shade. Well drained soil. Occasional H20. Hardy to 15-20F.   
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