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Tagetes Gold Medal ['09TAG1002'] PP24,856 Dwarf Mexican Marigold - Small shrub to 2' tall with gold yellow flowers year-round. Full sun. Well drained soil. Hardy to 28F PP24,856   
Tagetes lemmonii Mexican Marigold - Evergreen shrub to 4-5' x 6-10' with orange-yellow flowers year-round. Sun/Part shade. Drought tolerant. 20-25 degrees F.   
Talbotia elegans False Dracaena - Small evergreen groudcover to 8" tall & spreading slowly. White flwrs in late spring. Plant in Shade. Well drained soil. Regular H2O. Hardy to <16F.  [Vellozia elegans, Barbacenia elegans] 
Tanacetum haradjanii Silver Tansy - Evergreen shrublet 4-8" tall by 2' wide w/feathery white foliage & yellow summer flwrs. Full sun/light shade. Low water needs. Hardy <15 degrees F.  [T. densum amani, Hort., Chrysanthemumharadjanii] 
Taxodium mucronatum Montezuma Cypress - Semi-evergreen tree. Full sun. Drought tolerant. 60-80'x20-40'. May go deciduous in hard frost. Hardy to at least 10 degrees F.  [Taxodium huegelii] 
Tecoma 'Red Hot' PPAF Red Hot Trumpetbush - Evergreen shrub to 3-4' tall with orange-red flowers spring-fall. Sun/Light shade. Low water needs. Hardy to 15 30 degrees F.   
Tecoma stans forma velutina Velvet Yellow Bells - Evergreen shrub/ small tree to 10-15' tall x 6-8' wide w/yellow flowers in summer-fall. Full sun. Low water needs. Hardy to 25 degrees F.  [Tecoma stans var. velutina] 
Tecoma x smithii Orange Bells - Evergreen shrub to 8-15' tall by a bit wider w/orange flwrs spring-fall. Full sun. Low water needs. Hardy to around 25 degrees F.   
Tecomaria capensis Cape Honeysuckle - Evergreen vining shrub to 8-20' tall with orange-red flowers in fall-winter. Sun/Light shade. Low water needs. Hardy to 25-30 degrees F.  [Tecoma capensis] 
Tetrapanax papyrifer Rice Paper Plant - Evergreen shrub to 10-15' tall.w/large felty leaves & creamy-white flowers in winter. Sun/Shade. Medium water needs. Hardy to at 18 degrees F.  [T. papyriferus, Fatsia papyrifera, Aralia] 
Tetrastigma voinierianum Chestnut Vine, Lizard Plant - Vigorous evergreen vine with large grape-like foliage. Light shade. Low to moderate water needs. 25-30 degrees F.  [Vitis voinierana, Cissus voinierana] 
Teucrium betonicum Madeira Germander - Evergreen shrub 3-5' tall & wide w/sage-green lvs & violet-rose flowers spring-summer. Full sun/light shade. Little H2O. Hardy to 20-25F  [Chamaedrys betonicifolia, T. canescens] 
Teucrium chamaedrys Germander - Evergreen subshrub to 2' tall x 3' wide w/spikes of magenta-pink flowers in summer. Full sun. Low Water Needs. Hardy to 0-10 degrees F.  [Teucrium x lucidrys] 
Teucrium chamaedrys 'Nanum' Germander - Evergreen subshrub to 4-6" tall by 3' wide with magenta flowers in summer. Full sun. Low Water Needs. Hardy to 0-10 degrees F.   
Teucrium cossonii Majorcan Teucrium - Evergreen groundcover to 4-6" tall by 2-3' wide w/lavender-purple flowers in spring-fall. Full sun. Low water needs. Hardy to 0-10 degrees F.  [Teucrium majoricum, Hort.] 
Teucrium fruticans 'Azureum' Bush Germander - Evergreen shrub to 4-5' tall by as wide with silver-gray leaves & deep blue flowers in summer-fall. Sun. Low water needs. Hardy to 10 degrees F.  [T. fruitcans 'Azurea'] 
Thamnochortus insignis Thatching Reed - Tall grass-like plant 4-6' tall w/strong stems & brown summer flwrs. Full sun. Well drained soil. Little irrigation once established. Hardy to 15F.   
Thenardia floribunda Petatillo - Vine with narrow leaves and clusters of red violet flower in summer-fall. Plant in full sun/ light shade. Regular irrigation. Hardy to at least 30F.   
Thevetia thevetioides Giant Thevetia - Evergreen shrub/ small tree to 12-15' 'x equal spread w/ large yellow flowers summer-winter. Full sun. Regular watering. 25-30 degrees F.  [Cascabela thevetioides] 
Thomasia solanacea 'Velvet Star' Solanum-like Thomasia - Upright shrub 6' by 4' w/fuzzy lvs & pink centered white flwrs in spring. Full/part sun. Little H2O. Hardy to at least 26F. [UCSC Koala Blooms Intro]  [Lasiopetalum solanaceum] 
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