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  Succulents Page
Kalanchoe luciae [K. thyrsiflora, Hort.]

This plant category puts together as a group unrelated plants that have adapted to extreme xeric conditions by developing methods of retaining moisture in their succulent or swollen stem, leaves or caudex (base). In the classic sense this includes the leafless stems of cacti but also includes the less obviously succulent plants such as Yucca. Many cacti and succulent collectors also include plants such as bulbs (with (plants that have underground, fleshy storage structures) and xeric cycads in their collections although we exclude the cycads from this list completely because we list them separately on their own Cycad Page. While we include some succulent lily families here, a complete list of bulbs can be found on our Bulb Page. A complete list of the Succulents we grow can be found by performing a Succulent Search of our database. Other information about succulents and specific searches for succulent groups can be found below.

Agave Agave information and links with a list of agave we grow.
Agave Relatives Look here for information about plants in the Agavaceae - see also Yucca
Aizoaceae Call them mesymbranthema or call them vygies, but don't call them ice plants!
Asteraceae We grow many succulents in the Aster or Daisy family, the Asteraraceae.
Agave Relatives Look here for information about plants in the Agavaceae - see also Yucca
Aloe Aloe info & a list of aloe we grow - for related plants see our Succulent Lily Page
Bromeliads San Marcos Growers grows these plants in the bromeliad family.
Cacti We don't grow many but these prickly pears are winners!
Crassulaceae There's a lot more than jade plant in the crassula family.
Cycads We Grow These ancient plants look great in the succulent garden!
Cycads Information Information and links about cycads.
Dicot SucculentsPlants in the Aster, Purslane & Mint families - other succulent dicots listed at Aizoaceae, Cactaceae, Crassulaceae and Euphorbiaceae
EuphorbiaWe grow some great spurges but be careful of that milky sap!
MangaveThe intergeneric hybrids between Manfreda and Agave
SansevieriaWe grow many of these very tough succulent strap leafed plants!
Succulent LiliesSome succulent lily relatives like Brunsvigia, Bulbine, Drimiopsis, Gasteria, Haworthia, Ledebouria, Urginea & Veltheimia.
The YuccaWe grow several of these staturesque plants - including our native Hesperoyucca
The XanthorrhoeaThe grass trees from Australia are majestic in the garden!

Other Succulent Information
CSSA JournalThe Cactus & Succulent Journal is published by the Cactus and Succulent Society of America
Succulent BooksWe recommend these great books on Succulents