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Jacaranda mimosifolia (Low branched) Jacaranda - Semi-evergreen tree to 40' tall by 30' wide w/delicate foliage & lavender blue flwrs late spring-summer. Full sun. Occasional watering. To 25-30 F.  [Jacaranda acutifolia, Hort.] 
Jacaranda mimosifolia (Standard) Jacaranda - Semi-evergreen tree to 40' tall by 30' wide w/delicate foliage & lavender blue flwrs late spring-summer. Full sun. Occasional watering. To 25-30 F.   
Jasminum angulare South African Jasmine - Evergreen vine to 15-20' tall by 8' wide with white flowers in summer. Sun/Light shade. Water regularly. Hardy to 25-30 degrees F.   
Jasminum leratii Privet-leaved Jasmine - Evergreen shrubby vine. Sun. Moderate watering. White flowers in spring. 15' spread. Hard wood hardy to 20-25 but damaged <26 degrees F.  [J. ligustrifolium, Hort.] 
Jasminum officinale forma grandiflorum Spanish or Poet's Jasmine - Semi-deciduous vine. Sun/light shade. Average watering. Pink buds open to fragrant white flowers in summer. Spreads to 15'. 15-20 degrees F.  [J. grandiflorum, J. offinale f. affine] 
Jasminum polyanthum Pink Jasmine - Evergreen vine. Sun/Light Shade. Regular watering. Fragrant white flowers in late winter-summer. Spreads 25'. 25-30 degrees F.  [J. blinii,J. delafieldii,J. polyanthemum, Hort.] 
Jasminum tortuosum Twisted Jasmine - Evergreen vine with dark green foliage and fragrant white flowers in summer. Sun. Regular watering. Hardy to 25 degrees F.   
Jatropha integerrima Peregrina - Evergreen (frost free areas) subtropical shrub to 6-10' tall w/red flowers in summer. Full sun/light shade. Regular irrigation. Stems hardy to 25F.  [J. hastata, J. pandurifolia] 
Jubaea chilensis Chilean Wine Palm - Palm. Massive trunk to 80' tall with pinnate foliage. Full sun. Low water needs. Hardy to 10-15 degrees F.   
Juncus 'Carman's Japan' Carman's Sacred Japanese Rush - Evergreen grass-like to 18-24" tall. Sun/Light shade. Regular to occasional irrigation. Reddish brown flowers in summer. Hardy to <15 degrees F.  [Juncus effusus 'Carman's Japan] 
Juncus patens California Gray Rush - Evergreen grass-like w/leafless stems 18-24" tall & brown flowers spring-fall. Sun/Shade. Dry shade to wet soil. Hardy to <15 degrees F.   
Juncus patens 'Elk Blue' Elk Blue California Gray Rush - Evergreen grass-like 18" tall w/brown flowers in spring-fall. Sun/Shade. Moderately dry to wet soil. Hardy to <15 F. 1994 SMG Introduction.   
Juncus polyanthemos Australian Rush - Evergreen grass-like w/ narrow gray-green leaves to 3' tall. Full sun/light shade. Water occasionally Hardy to 10-15 degrees F   
Juniperus conferta 'Blue Pacific' Shore Juniper - Evergreen groundcover to less than 1' tall by 8' wide w/soft blue foliage covering stems. Sun/Light Shade. Drought tolerant. Hardy to <15 degrees F.   
Juniperus procumbens 'Nana' Japanese Garden Juniper - Evergreen groundcover <6" tall by x 5' wide with short blue-green needle-like leaves. Full/part sun. Hardy to <0 degrees F.   
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