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Salvia mexicana 'Limelight' Mexican Sage - Large subtropical sage w/ long wands of chartreuse green and vibrant violet-blue flowers in late summer. Hardy to 20 F. Regular water. Full sun.   
Salvia microphylla 'Berzerkeley' Berzerkeley Graham's Sage - Compact spreading plant to 24" tall by 3-4' broad with bright pink 1/2" wide flowers through much of the year. Low to average H20 Hardy to 15 F.   
Salvia microphylla 'Hot Lips' Evergreen subshrub 3-4' tall by 5' wide w/green lvs & year round red & white flwes, Full/part sun. Ocassional to infrequent H2O. Hardy to 15F   
Salvia officinalis 'Superb' Superb Garden Sage - Subshrub to 3' tall w/aromatic narrow gray-green lvs & violet-blue flwrs in spring-summer. Full sun. Little H20 required. Very hardy <20 F.   
Salvia oxyphora Fuzzy Bolivian Sage - Sub-shrub to 4' tall by 3' wide with lanceolate lvs & fuzzy magenta flwers. Part sun in rich soil with regular H2O. Hardy to 15-20F   
Salvia 'Phyllis Fancy' Phyllis' Fancy Sage - Tender shrub/perennial 4-5 ' tall, as wide. Violet & white flwrs summer-fall. Full sun. Regular/ occasional irrigation. Root hardy to 7F   
Salvia 'Roman Red' PP31,931 Roman Red Sage - Tender perennial 2-3' tall & wide w/dark green lvs & red flwrs spring to fall. Full to part sun. Regular H2O. Evergreen >32F Hardy to 20F.   
Salvia spathacea Hummingbird Sage - Evergreen groundcover w/ red-pink flowers spring-summer. Full sun/Part shade. Occasional H2O keeps evergreen as do temps 20-25 F - root hardy to 0 F.   
Salvia uliginosa Blue Spike Sage - Clump forming perennial to 4-6' tall & spreading as wide w/sky blue flwrs in late spring/fall. Full sun. Regular to little H2O. Hardy to 15 F.   
Salvia 'Waverly' Waverly Sage - Tender shrub/perennial 4-5 ' tall, as wide. Whitish pink flwrs spring-fall. Full sun to light shade. Regular/ occasional irrigation. Hardy to 25-30 F  [S. 'Mark's Mystery White'] 
Salvia 'Wendy's Wish' PP21,889 Wendy's Wish Sage - Evergreen shrub 3-4' tall by 3' wide w/red-purple flwrs spring-fall. Sun/light shade. Occasional water. Hardy to 25F. Plant Propagation Prohibited.   
Salvia x jamensis 'Golden Girl' Golden Girl Sage - Evergreen subshrub 2' tall x 3' wide w/butter yellow & pale orange flwrs spring-fall/yr-round. Full sun. Drought tolerant. Hardy to15-20 degrees F.   
Salvia x jamensis 'Sierra de San Antonio' Sage - Evergreen shrub to 2' tall with peach and pale yellow flowers in spring-fall. Full sun. Drought tolerant. Hardy to15-20 degrees F.   
Sansevieria 'Alice' Tall sword-like succulent w/green leaves w/silver gray horizontal bands. Shade/part sun. Excellent in containers. Low H2O. Hardy to 30-32 F.  [Dracaena cv.] 
Sansevieria ballyi Dwarf Sansevieria - Rosette forming succulent <1' tall w/stolon holding rosettes of short round recurved lvs. Part sun/ shade. Irrigate sparingly. Hardy to 28 F  [S. Bally 12681, Dracaena ballyi] 
Sansevieria bhitalae 'Superclone' Rippled, dark green leaves, smudged with light green form clump up to 4 ft. tall. Sun, but will tolerate low light. Excellent in containers. 30-32 F  [Dracaena bhitalae, S.kirkii 'Superclone'] 
Sansevieria cylindrica Skyline Spear Sansevieria - Robust succulent w/fans of upright rounded gray-green leaves 2-5' long. Give high light indoors or out. Very little water. Protect from cold and wet.  [Dracaena angolensis ,S. 'Skyline', Hort] 
Sansevieria ehrenbergii Sword Sansevieria - Stout succulent w/blue-green upright 5' long lvs. Rare to flwe. Full to part sun in well-draned soil. Protect from winter moisture and frost. To 30F.  [Dracaena hanningtonii] 
Sansevieria erythraeae Pencil Sansevieria - Succulent w/fans of upright rounde gray-green lvs 2-3' long. Orange berries.High light indoors or out. Very little water. Protect from cold and wet.  [Dracaena erythraeae, S. schweinfurthii] 
Sansevieria 'Giant Spoon' Giant Spoon Snake Plant - Dark green leaves with light green bands growing 12-18" tall. Excellent houseplant. Bright to deep shade. 30-32 F   
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