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Products > Plants - Browse By Plant Category > Fern

Plant Category: Fern
These plants are known as the true ferns to distinguish them from the primitive ferns and fern allies. The more than 10,000 true ferns are herbaceous spore producing plants that are noted for their lacy frond foliage, often divided into pinnae and are usually found in moist shady sites.
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Adiantum capillus-veneris 'Banksianum' Maidenhair Fern - Fine textured fern to 1 1/2' tall. Shade or morning sun. Water regularly (more drought resistant than many other ferns). Hardy to 20-25 degrees F. 
Adiantum raddianum 'Croweanum' Crowe Maidenhair - Fern. Thrives in low to bright indirect light. Clumps to 1'-2' tall and wide. Evergreen in frost free areas, otherwise dormant. Regular water. 
Asplenium bulbiferum Mother Fern - Fern to 2 feet tall with arching black stems. Plant in shade and water frequently. Hardy to 26 degrees F. 
Blechnum occidentale Hammock Fern - Low growing to 1 ' tall w/pink to bronzy new growth. Spreads by runners. Shade. Regular to occasional H2O. Hardy to 20 F. [B. appendiculatum] 
Cyathea cooperi Australian Tree Fern - Tree fern to 20' tall by ' wide. Bright shade (tolerates full sun on coast) Good drainage. Water regularly. Hardy to 20-25 degrees F. 
Cyathea cooperi 'Brentwood' Australian Tree Fern - A robust cultivar of C. cooperi with coppery scales and light-green fronds. Fast growing tree fern likes sun and moisture. 20 ft. tall. 25-30 F 
Dicksonia antarctica Tasmanian Tree Fern - Tree Fern to 15' tall by 6-10' spread. Plant in shade in a well drained soil Water frequently. Fronds are hardy 20-25 degrees F. Trunk to <20F 
Marsilea drummondii Nardoo - Aquatic fern w/fuzzy gray-green clover-like lvs to 8"-18" tall and spreading. Sun/Shade. Plant in saturated soil to 9" under water. 20-25 degrees F. 
Marsilea minuta Miniature Water Clover - To 2" high. Saturated soil to very shallow water. Good for bonsai. 
Marsilea mutica Water Clover - Aquatic fern to 4"-12" tall & spreading. Best planted 4"-9" below surface of the water - can grow in damp soil. Sun/Shade. Hardy to <15 degrees F. 
Marsilea schelpeana Small Leafed Water Clover - Aquatic fern to 4"-12" tall & spreading w/very small clover-like leaves. Plant in saturated soil to 9" under water. Sun/Shade. 20-25 degrees F. 
Marsilea vestita California Marsilea - Aquatic fern to 4"-12" tall & spreading. Plant in saturated soil to 9" deep under water. Sun/Shade. 20-25 degrees F 
Microlepia strigosa Lace Fern - Clumping fern with upright delicately dissected leaves to 2-3' tall. Plant in shade. Water occasionally to regularly. Hardy to 20 degrees F. 
Nephrolepis cordifolia Sword Fern - Spreading fern with upright leaves to 2-3' tall. Plant in full sun(coastal) to shade. Water regularly. Hardy to 25-30 degrees F. 
Nephrolepis cordifolia 'Lemon Buttons' Button Sword Fern - Fern with 10" long fronds with small round leaves. Nephrolepis cordifolia cultivar. Bright shade with regular water. Hardy to 19 F. 
Phlebodium aureum Rabbit's Foot Fern - Fern with large pale green dissected leaves to 3' tall - spreading by rhizome. Shade. Moderate water needs. Hardy to 18 degrees F. 
Platycerium bifircatum Staghorn Fern - Large epiphyic fern that can grow to a 7' diameter cluster. Full sun to shade. Water regularly to occasionally when moss is no longer wet. 20-25 F. 
Polystichum munitum California Sword Fern - Clump forming fern to 2-3' tall with dark green pinnately compound leaves. Plant in shade. Once established, little water needed. 20-25 degrees F. 
Pyrrosia lingua Tongue Fern - Fern with small creeping rhizomes & 2" by 20" long wide olive green blade-like fronds. Bright indirect light. Hardy to 0. Great in pots or ground. 
Pyrrosia lingua 'Cristata' Crested Tongue Fern - Fern. Small creeping rhizomes, 2" wide and up to 20" long fronds unique forking ends. Bright indirect light. Hardy to 0. Great in pots, baskets/boards 
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