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Products > Plants - Browse By Plant Category > Bulb/Tuber/Rhizome etc.

Plant Category: Bulb/Tuber/Rhizome etc.
These are herbaceous plants that arise from underground storage organs and are uniquely adapted for long term survival in specialized environments. Many popular "bulb" flowers are not produced from “true bulbs” but arise from other subterranean structures that fulfill the same function. Included here are plants that are true bulbs, corms, rhizomes and tubers. Also see our Bulb Page for more information.
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Albuca acuminata Narrow-leafed Albuca - Bulbous plant w/narrow channeled lvs & spring green keeled greenish yellow nodding fwrs. Full sun. Well drained soil. Little H2O. Hardy to 20F. 
Albuca juncifolia Rush-leaved Albuca - Bulb w/long narrow round green lvs and green-white flwrs in spring. Plant in full sun in a well drained soil w/little or no irrigation. Hardy to 20?. 
Albuca nelsonii Natal Albuca - A tall growing evergreen bulb w/ foliage to 3 feet & white w/ green striped flowers rising above the foliage. Part sun to light shade. Hardy to 26 F. 
Allium unifolium One-leaf onion - Native California bulb w/18" tall stems of lavender pink flowers in spring. Plant in full sun and irrigate in late spring & summer. Hardy below 0 F. 
Amarcrinum memoria-corsii Crinodonna - Semi-evergreen bulb with rose-pink flowers on stems to 2-3' tall in summer-fall. Sun/light shade. Moderate water needs. 25-30 degrees F. 
Amaryllis belladonna Naked Lady - Bulb w/strap shaped lvs late fall through spring & 3' tall stalks w/pink flwrs in late summer. Full/ part sun. Low water needs. Hardy to 15-20 F. 
Amaryllis belladonna 'Alba' White Naked Lady - Deciduous bulb w/ winter foliage to 18" tall & white flowers 2-3' tall in late summer. Full sun. Low water needs. Hardy to 20 F. 
Amaryllis belladonna hybrids Hybrid Naked Lady - Deciduous bulb w/winter foliage to 18" tall & dark pink, pale-pink or white flwrs 2-3' tall in late summer. Full sun. Low water needs. Hardy to 20F. 
Amorphophallus titanum Corpse Flower - Large tuberous aroid with huge dissected leaves and frilly maroon flowers. For greenhouse growing only. Not hardy. Water regularly when not dormant. 
Aristea ecklonii 'Little John' Small Blue Stars - Perennial to 1' tall and wide w/blue flower in spring-summer. Full sun/Part shade. Moderate water needs. Hardy to 20 degrees F. 
Aristea ecklonii 'Sonja' Blue Stars - Upright perennial growing to 2' tall w/2 1/2-3' stalks of blue flwrs spring-summer. Full sun/Part shade. Moderate water needs. Hardy to 20 F. 
Aristea major Blue Sceptre - Perennial with iris-like foliage with 2-3' tall stems of true blue 1" wide flwrs in summer. Full sun. Moderate water needs. Hardy to 15 degrees F. 
Asphodeline lutea King's Spear - Rhizomatous perennial to 3' w/narrow gray-green lvs & fragrant yellow spring flwrs. Full sun. Well drained soil. Occasional H2O. Hardy to <0 F. 
Asphodelus aestivus White Asphodel - A perennial w/narrow gray-green leaves and star-like white flwrs in late spring. Full sun/ light shade. Little/occasional H20. Hardy to USDA zone 5. 
Babiana stricta Baboon Flower - Bulb with pleated leaves about 6" tall with blue violet flowers in spring. Drought tolerant (summer dormant) and hardy to around 20 degrees F. 
Bletilla striata Chinese Ground Orchid - Easily grown small deciduous orchid to 18" tall w/violet pink flwrs & soft, pleated leaves. Part-shade to full sun along coast. Hardy to 15-20 F. 
Boophone disticha Oxbane - Large deciduous bulb w/undulating gray lvs & pink-red flwrs late winter-spring. Full sun. Little/occasional H2O when in leaf. Hardy to 26F. Poisonous. 
Boophone disticha 'CF' Clustering Oxbane - Large deciduous clustering bulb w/undulating gray lvs & pink to red flwrs late winter-spring. Full sun. H2O when in folage. Hardy to 26F. Poisonous. 
Brunsvigia josephinae Josephine's Candelabra Flower - Large bulbous plant w/wide gray-green strap shaped foliage to 2-3' long x 18" tall stalks w/a head of red flowers in fall. Drought tolerant. 30-32 F. 
Chlorogalum pomeridianum Soap Lily - Clumping plant 1-2' tall x 2-3' wide w/soft wavy margined narrow green lvs & starlike spring white flws. Full sun. Drought tolerant. Hardy <0F. 
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