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Products > Plants - Browse By Plant Region > Indian Subcontinent

Region: Indian Subcontinent
From Pakistan east through India, Nepal and Bangladesh. Bound on the north by the Himalayas and to the east by Myanmar (Burma).
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Beaumontia grandiflora Easter Lily Vine - Evergreen vine. Sun/Light Shade. High water needs. White flowers in spring-fall. Grows to 30'. Hardy to 28 degrees F. 
Berberis oiwakensis Chinese Holly - Evrgrn shrub 6-10' tall x 5' wide w/holly-like lvs & yellow flrs winter-spring. Coastal sun/part shade. Regular/occasional H2O. Hardy to 20F.[Mahonia] 
Buddleja 'Lochinch' Butterfly Bush - Semi-evergreen shrub. Sun/Light Shade. Low water needs. Lavender-blue flowers in spring-fall. 12-15'x 12-15'. Hardy to -10 degrees F. 
Chrysopogon zizanioides 'Sunshine Vetiver - Upright evergreen grass 4-5' tall w/green lvs bronzing in winter. Full/part sun. Regular to little H20. Great for soil stabilization. Hardy to 20F. 
Cocculus laurifolius Platter-Leaf - Dense evergreen shrub/small tree to 15-25' tall by as wide with deep green lvs. Sun or deep shade. Occasional irrigation. Hardy to 20-25 F. 
Colocasia esculenta 'Black Runner' Black Taro - Dusty charcoal-black leaves on dark burgundy stems. Spreads by runners. Excellent for tropical, aquatic garden. Sun/ part shade. 4 ft. tall. 15-20 F 
Colquhounia coccinea Himalayan Mint Shrub - Upright evergreen shrub to 4-6+' tall with felty green lvs & orange flwrs late summer-fall. Full/part sun. Regular to little H20. Hardy to 10F. 
Crossandra infundibuliformis Firecracker Flower - Small tropical shrub to 1-3' tall with spikes of salmon orange flowers in summer. Full sun/ light shade. Ample H2O. Frost free gardens only! 
Cupressus cashmeriana Kashmir Cypress - Tall upright tree to 40-60' with blue-green, aromatic foliage on long and pendulous branches. Easily damaged by wind and weather. 15-20 F. 
Dendrocalamus asper Giant Burmese Timber Bamboo - Large clumping bamboo to 60'+ (100') tall w/ 8" culms. Full sun. Moderate water needs. Hardy to 23 degrees F. Shoots edible. 
Ficus auriculata Roxburgh Fig - Evergreen to semi-deciduous tree. Full sun. Water deeply and infrequently. Inedible figs. Moderate grower to 25' tall and wide. Cold hardy 25-30 F. 
Ficus microcarpa 'Hawaii' Ficus microcarpa 'Hawaii' - Evergreen shrub or tree to 30' w/white margined green lvs. Sun/Light Shade. Water occasionally to regularly. Hardy to 30 degrees F. 
Geranium himalayense Cranesbill - Evergreen perennial groundcover 1' tall x 3' wide with large lvs & blue flwrs in summer. Full sun/Light shade. Moderate water. Hardy <0 degrees F. 
Hedychium coronarium White Ginger - Perennial to 6'x4' with fragrant white flowers in summer-fall. Light shade. Regular watering. Root hardy to 10 degrees F. 
Hedychium flavescens Yellow Ginger - Perennial. Light shade. Regular water. Pale yellow flowers in summer-fall. 8' tall. Root hardy to 15-20 degrees F. 
Hedychium gardnerianum Kahili Ginger - Perennial to 8' tall with yellow flowers with red stamens in summer-fall. Light shade. Regular water. Root hardy to 15-20 degrees F. 
Hedychium greenei Red Ginger - Perennial. Red undersides of leaves and Orange-red flowers in summer-fall. Light shade. Regular watering. Root hardy to 10 degrees F. 
Hedychium spicatum var. acuminatum Ginger Lily - Perennial to 3 -4' tall with coral orange flowers in summer-fall. 25-30 degrees F. Light shade. High Water Needs. Root hardy to 10F. 
Himalayacalamus falconeri 'Damarapa' Candy-Stripe Bamboo - Clumping bamboo to 20-30 ft tall with up to 2 wide green, striped w/ yellow culms that blush pink in spring. Cool sun/light shade. Hardy to 15 F 
Himalayacalamus hookerianus Blue Bamboo - Beautiful clumping bamboo to 12-18' tall with up to 3/4" culms with blue dusting and dark green leaves. Part sun/ light shade. Hardy to 15 F. 
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