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The Lily Family is an extremely large family that has been parred down over the years by the creation of new families out of what had previously been subfamilies. In addition related monicot families such as the Amaryllis family (Amaryllidaceae) have often been included under the umbrella of the the common name of Lily. The list below includes many of these broadly related succulent plants that now belong to families such as, Aloaceae, Amaryllidaceae, Asphodelaceae and Hyacinthaceae although the genus Aloe is listed separately on our Aloe Page. We list together the plants related to Agavaceae (including plants now in Doryanthaceae, Dracaenaceae, Noliniaceae) together as a group on our Agave & Yucca Relatives page, Agave is listed separately on the Agave Page, the Yucca are listed together on the Yucca Page and Xanthorrhoea is likewise listed by itself on our Xanthorrhoea Page. A complete list of bulbous plants can be found on our Bulb Page. .

Succulent Lilies
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Abelia 'Edward Goucher' Pink Abelia - Evergreen shrub to 4-6'+ tall & wide w/pink to lilac colored flwrs in summer-fall. Full Sun. Low water needs. Hardy to <15 degrees F.. 
Abelia x grandiflora 'Kaleidoscope' PP16,988 Kaleidoscope Abelia - Evergreen shrub 2-3' tall x 3-4' wide w/yellow variegated lvs & white flwrs summer-fall. Sun/Light shade. Moderate water. Hardy to <15 degrees F 
Abelia x grandiflora 'Sherwoodii' Dwarf Abelia - Evergreen shrub to 3-4' tall by 5' wide w/glossy lvs & lavender flwrs in summer-fall. Full sun. Moderate irrigation. Hardy to <15 degrees F. 
Abelmoschus manihot Aibika - Deciduous perennial/subshrub to 6' x 3' w/palmate green lvs & large yellow summer flwrs. Full sun. Regular H20. Hardy to 10F. 
Abutilon megapotamicum 'Little Imp' Little Imp Abutilon - Evergreen upright growing shrub to 4-5' tall and wide w/red & yellow flower in spring-summer. Full sun. Moderate water needs. Hardy to 20-25F. 
Abutilon palmeri Indian Mallow - Shrub 4-5' tall & wide w/velvety silver heart shaped lvs & gold flwrs spring-summer. Full sun/light shade. Little to occasional H20. Hardy to 25F. 
Abutilon pictum 'Thompsonii' Variegated Flowering Maple - Evergreen shrub to 6-8' tall x 4-6' wide w/yellow mottled green lvs & year round apricot flwrs. Part sun. Regular irrigation. Hardy to 20F. 
Abutilon x hybridum 'Nabob' Red Flowering Maple - Evergreen shrub 8-10 tall w/dark green foliage and hanging 3" flowers of deep maroon. Plant in sun (coastal) to shade. Water regularly. Hardy to 25 F. 
Acacia aphylla Live Wire - Upright evergreen leaflesss 6-9' tall shrub w/blue-green spiny stems & winter-spring yellow flwrs. Full/part sun. Little H20. Hardy to 18 F. 
Acacia baileyana Fernleaf Acacia - Evergreen tree to 30'x40' w/ yellow flowers in early spring. Full sun. Drought tolerant. Hardy to 15-20 degrees F. 
Acacia baileyana 'Purpurea' Purple Fernleaf Acacia - Evergreen tree to 20-30' tall by equal width w/purple new growth & yellow flwrs in spring. Full sun. Low water needs. Hardy to 20-25 degrees F 
Acacia boormanii Snowy River Wattle - Fine textured upright evergreen shrub to 15 ft tall by 12 ft. wide. Full sun. Drought tolerant. Yellow flowers in spring. Hardy to 10-15 degrees F. 
Acacia cognata River Wattle - Evergreen fine textured tree to 20' tall and as wide w/narrow green lvs & pale yellow flwrs in spring. Full sun. Occasional H20. Hardy to 20-25F. 
Acacia cognata Cousin Itt ['ACCOG01'] PP25,133 Little River Wattle - Evergreen shrub 2-3' x 8+' w/green fine textured foliage. Full sun/light shade - well drained soil & occasional H2O. Hardy to 20-25 F. PP25,133 
Acacia covenyi Blue Bush - Fast growing shrub or small tree to 20' with gray-blue foliage and yellow flwrs in spring. Full sun. Drought tolerant. Hardy to <15 F. 
Acacia craspedocarpa Leather-leaf Acacia - Dense, rounded shrub to 8' tall x 5' wide with attractive flat seed pods. Full sun. Well drained soil. Little irrigation. Hardy to 15-20 F. 
Acacia cultriformis Knifeleaf Wattle - Evergreen small tree/ large bush to 10-15' tall x 10-15' wide. Full sun. Drought tolerant. Yellow flowers in spring. Hardy to 20-25 degrees F. 
Acacia denticulosa Sandpaper Wattle - Upright openshrub 6-12' tall w/ dark green rough lvs & spring-summer yellow flwrs. Full/part sun. Little H20. Hardy to 20F. 
Acacia glaucoptera Clay Wattle - Evergreen low growing shrub 3' h x 6-8' w w/ sickle shaped foliage. Full sun. Drought tolerant. Yellow flowers in spring. Hardy to 20-25 degrees F. 
Acacia hubbardiana Yellow Prickly Moses - Evergreen small shrub to 4-6' tall. w/tiny triangular lvs & winter-spring cream flwrs. Full/part sun. Regular to little H20. Hardy to 25 F. 
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