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Products > Plants - Browse By Plant Region > Pacific Islands

Region: Pacific Islands
The island chains of the Pacific including the Hawaiian Islands, Marshall Islands, and French Polynesia.
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Alpinia zerumbet Shell Ginger - Perennial that grows to 8' with white flower in summer. Part sun to light shade (tolerates full sun on coast). Irrigate regularly. 15-20 degrees F. 
Alpinia zerumbet 'Variegata' Variegated Shell Ginger - Perennial that grows to 6-8' tall with white flowers in summer. Part sun/light shade. High water needs. Irrigate regularly. 15-20 degrees F. 
Brighamia rockii Cabbage Tree - Perennial 3-6' tall w/succulent trunk topped w/green lvs. White flowers in fall. Part sun. Moderate water needs. Excellent drainage. Hardy to 30-32 F. 
Carex trifida 'Rekohu Sunrise' PP20,512 Variegated Tataki Grass - Upright evergreen clump sedge to 3' tall w/yellow margined green lvs & spike of summer brown flwrs. Coastal sun/light/shade. Regular H2O. Hardy to 0F. 
Colocasia esculenta 'Fontanesii' Black Taro - Aquatic perennial 4-6' tall w/black petioled dark green lvs. Full (coastal) to part sun. Saturated soil to 12" deep in water. Hardy to 30-32F. 
Colocasia esculenta var. antiquorum 'Illustris' Imperial Taro - Dramatic perennial 3-6' tall with dark purple leaves w/ green veins. Hardy to mid 20's. Evergreen in frost free areas. Reg. water. Perfect for ponds. 
Ficus aspera Clown Fig - Evergreen shrub to 10' tall green lvs splashed w/white & green, pink & cream fruit. Part sun/ light shade. Regular/occasional H2O. Frost sensative. 
Hedyscepe canterburyana Umbrella Palm - Solitary feather palm w/blue gray crown shaft & recurved lvs. Plant in sheltered part sun/shade. Regular irrigation. Well drained soil. Hardy to 28 F. 
Hibiscus clayi Red Kauai Rosemallow - Large dense upright shrub to 10+' tall w/green leaves and red flowers spring-summer.Full sun. Regular H2O. Hardy to 30F. 
Hibiscus saintjohnianus Hawaiian Orange Hibiscus - Large dense upright shrub to 10+' tall w/green leaves and orange flowers spring-summer.Full sun. Regular H2O. Hardy to 30F. 
Homalocladium platycladum Ribbon Bush, Tapeworm Plant - Upright growing shrub to 4-8' with flat leafless stems & small green flowers in fall-winter. Full sun/shade. Regular to little water. Hardy to 25 F. 
Jasminum leratii Privet-leaved Jasmine - Evergreen shrubby vine. Sun. Moderate watering. White flowers in spring. 15' spread. Hard wood hardy to 20-25 but damaged <26 degrees F. 
Joinvillea ascendens 'Ohe - Unusual Hawian plant closely related to grasses. In Hawaii forms is a tall reedlike plant to 10'. Water well. Protect from frost. Unknow hardiness. 
Metrosideros collina 'Spring Fire' 'ohi'a lehua - Compact upright evergreen shrub/small tree 12-25' tall w/pale orange-red flowers spring & summer. Full sun to light shade. Seaside tolerant 20-25 F 
Metrosideros 'Tahitian Sunset' PP20,492 Dwarf Variegated Pohutukawa - Small shrub 3' x3' w/ cream variegated lvs & clusters of red flwrs late winter-spring. Medium H20 Full Sun. Hardy to 25-30 F. Propagation Prohibited. 
Oxera pulchella Royal Creeper - Evergreen shruby/vine to 6-10' tall with white large flowers. Sun/Light shade. Moderate water needs. 30-32 degrees F. 
Pisonia umbellifera 'Variegata' Map Plant - Evergreen shrub/ small tree to 12' tall with large leaves splashed with white variegation. Cool Sun/Light Shade. Water regularly. 30-32 degrees F. 
Portulaca molokiniensis 'Ihi - Succulent shrub 1' tall & wide w/upright stems of rounded lvs & yellow flwrs. Sun/light shade. Well drained soil. Occasioanl summer H20. Hardy to 25F. 
Sophora microphylla Kowhai - A large semi-evergreen shrub or small tree to 25' tall from New Zealand & Chile with bright yellow flowers in short axillary racemes. Hardy to 20F. 
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