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  Correa - Australian Fuchsia

Commonly known as Australian Fuchsia, Correa is a relatively small genus that are members of the Rutaceae (Citrus family). Correa are endemic plants of some eleven species of evergreen shrubs found in Tasmanian and Australia. These prostrate woody evergreen shrubs have thin branches clothed with fine, brown fuzz.

Correa handout imageCorrea can be grown in various soil types from a very sandy, well-drained soil to one rich with peat and loam. However, good drainage is paramount as Correa a susceptible to root rot in slow draining soils. The application of gypsum to a heavy clay soil aids in texture and promotes drainage. Plants respond best with a pH around 5.5 to 5.7.

The tubular flowers are about an inch long and may be white, pink, scarlet, crimson, or red and white. Flowers are composed of four petals usually fused into a pendulous bell. Eventually this floral appendage can split at its extremity and reflex adding to its beauty. Six to eight stamens can extend a little beyond the calyx tube. Once established, plants flower abundantly in late winter and into spring. Flowers are highly attractive to nectar feeding birds.

Their leathery, short-stalked leaves are dark green above and grayish-green underneath. Some may be shiny or dark mat green with the reverse or undersides pale green, white or rust colored. The foliage is quite dense from the ground up and persistent at all times. Leaf shapes vary from simple, cordate, ovate or lanceolate with size variations depending upon the species. The texture of the leaves also varies and may be smooth, scabrous or hairy. The leaves are opposite on twiggy growth and oil dots are evident on leaves which are quite aromatic when crushed.

Most Correa tend to sprawl but regular light pruning can retain a more compact shape if desired. This promotes and stimulates new growth with a substantial increase in flowering potential.

Correa are tough and can accept cold and are generally frost tolerant. Generous mulching protects roots from sunburn and discourages weeds while retaining some moisture for active growth.

The following Correa are growin at San Marcos Growers

Correa alba var. pannosa 'Western Pink Star'
1 foot tall and 4-6 feet wide. Delicate pink flowers. Dense covering of hair on leaves. Note that the corolla is split into four separate petals, unlike most other Correa. UCSC Koala Blooms 2004 introduction.

Correa 'Dusky Bells'
2 feet tall and 3 feet wide and extremely compact and very dense shrub. Salmon-red flowers. Leaves are dull green above and lighter green below. Proven to be frost hardy and moderately drought resistant, though it grows best in a moist soil in semi-shaded situations. It is a long-lived shrub. Thought to be a hybrid between a form of Correa reflexa and Correa pulchella.

Correa 'Ivory Bells'
5 feet tall and wide. Ivory white bell-shaped flowers which are semi-pendulous. Leaves are dull dark green and glabrous above, pale greenish tan and hairy below. Thought to be a cross between Correa alba and Correa backhousiana.

Correa 'Mannii'
4 feet tall and up to 8 feet wide. Flowers are a vivid red on the exterior and a paler pink inside. Hardy plant and is adaptable to a wide range of soil types and aspects. Performs well in heavy, moist soils. Thought to be a hybrid between Correa reflexa and Correa pulchella. Also known as Correa 'Harrisii'.We no longer grow this cultivar

Correa pulchella
3 feet tall and 5 feet wide. Light pink flowers. Lacks the conspicuous oil glands which are prominent on the leaves of other Correa. Drought and coastal tolerant.

Correa pulchella 'Pink Eyre'
2-3 feet tall and wide. Rose pink flowers. Very compact growth habit with smooth and shiny deep-green leaves. Similar in color to the common Correa pulchella but is more of an upright shrub. Drought and coastal tolerant. UCSC 2004 Koala Blooms introduction.

Correa pulchella 'Pink Flamingo'
Compact grower to 2- 3 feet tall and wide. Deep salmon-pink flowers. Smooth and shiny deep-green leaves densely cloaking the branches. Drought and coastal tolerant. UCSC Koala Blooms 2001 introduction.

Correa 'Ray's Tangerine'
A slow growing to 2 feet tall. Compact shrub with shiny dark green leaves. Vibrant orange bell shaped flowers. Named for Dr. Ray Collett, co-founder of the UCSC Arboretum. UCSC 2002 Koala Blooms introduction.

Correa reflexa 'Cape Carpet'
Low grower to 1 foot tall by 8-10 feet wide. Bright green tipped red flowers fall-spring. Drought and coastal tolerant. UCSC Koala Blooms 2005 introduction.

Correa reflexa 'Carpenter Rocks'
3 to 4 feet tall and equally wide. Bright vermilion red, bell-shaped flowers are tipped with chartreuse. Small clasping heart shaped green leaves. UCSC 2002 introduction.

Correa 'Wyn's Wonder'
Dense growing to 2-3 feet tall by 3-5 feet wide with olive green leaves that have strong creamy colored margins and one inch long rose-pink flowers that flare out at the tips to display their soft pink interior. A great plant for the border or large container.