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Products > Mangave 'Bad Hair Day' PP30279
Mangave 'Bad Hair Day' PP30279 - Bad Hair Day Mangave
Image of Mangave 'Bad Hair Day' PP30279
Habit and Cultural Information
Category: Succulent
Evergreen: Yes
Red/Purple Foliage: Yes
Bloomtime: Sporadic
Parentage: (Mangave maculosa x Agave geminiflora)
Height: <1 foot
Width: <1 foot
Exposure: Full Sun
Summer Dry: Yes
Irrigation (H2O Info): Low Water Needs
Winter Hardiness: 0-10° F
x Mangave 'Bad Hair Day' PP30279 (Bad Hair Day Mangave) - A unique and attractive succulent plant with mostly solitary rosettes that grows to 10 inches tall by 30 inches wide with very narrow quarter inch wide by 18 inches long soft and rubbery recurving green leaves that have irregular, dark-burgundy spotting on much of their surfaces when grown in bright light and with few soft flexible spines along leaf margin and tips that makes the plant quite friendly. Leaves mostly lay flay but with a few decorative errant twisting leaves that gives this plant its name. Plant in full to half day sun in a well-drained soil and give occasional to regular irrigation. This has proven to be one of the hardiest of the Mangave cultivars, reportedly growing in locations that experienced temperatures as low as 7° F without requiring any protection. This is a nice plant in the rock or succulent garden or used in a decorative container. We passed on growing this interesting cultivar initially but planted one in a decorative pot that was in front of our sales office where it drew much appreciation from our customers. Uniquely, in this shaded location 'Bad Hair Day' lost much of its maroon spotting but its unique narrow green soft leaves were still quite appealing. 'Bad Hair Day' was a 2018 introduction in the Walters Gardens MAD ABOUT MANGAVEŽ Collection of plants bred by Hans Hansen. It is the result of crossing the spotted foliaged Manfreda maculosa with the narrow leafed Agave geminiflora in 2011 It was granted U.S. Plant Patent PP29,599 on March 5, 2019.  Information displayed on this page about  Mangave 'Bad Hair Day' PP30279 is based on the research conducted about it in our library and from reliable online resources. We also note those observations we have made of this plant as it grows in the nursery's garden and in other gardens, as well how crops have performed in our nursery field. We will incorporate comments we receive from others, and welcome to hear from anyone who may have additional information, particularly if they share any cultural information that would aid others in growing it.