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  Yellow Clivia History
Picture of Yellow Clivia
Yellow Clivia
San Marcos Growers' yellow clivia (Clivia miniata 'Aurea') are from a seed strain that is the result of 3 generations of crossing yellow flowering plants. This has resulted in a very pure strain of yellow hybrids. While many other nurseries have concentrated on building up numbers of selected clones by vegetative propagation, San Marcos Growers has been able to increase its supply of yellow clivia more rapidly by growing its plants from seed. The initial parent plants for the seed strain were acquired from several different sources. The first yellow clivia came from the Santa Barbara nursery of the late Dave Conway. Mr. Conway had been collecting and hybridizing yellow clivia since the early 1970's and had selected and named many beautiful forms. The plant pictured on our main yellow clivia page was one such selection that Mr. Conway later named Clivia 'Lemon Chiffon', which we also grow. Another source for our parent stock came from Dr. Glynne Couvillion who had an incredible collection of yellow clivia in his private garden in Montecito. After several years into the program we were also fortunate to include 2 of hybrids of the late Joe Solomone into the program. See more about Joe Solomone's hybrids in the October issue of Pacific Coast Nuseryman. The plants in our yellow hybidization program were isolated in a shade structure that had a fiberglass roof to prevent rain from damaging the flowers. These flowers are hand pollinated using pollin from selected yellow flowering plants. The second generation of plants, which flowered 3-4 years after they germinated, were about 60% yellow. The subsequent genrations have been 99.9 yellow.

Did you know that the fruit that forms on the yellow flowering plants are also yellow?