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Products > Plants - Browse By Plant Region > Atlantic Islands

Region: Atlantic Islands
The islands off Southern Europe and Western Africa. Includes the Canary Islands, Madeira Islands and Cape Verdes Islands.
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Euphorbia aphylla Leafless Spurge - Small succulent leafless shrub 1-2' tall w/green stems & yellow flwrs. Full sun. Well-drained soil. Little H2O. Seaside tolerant. Hardy to 25F. 
Euphorbia canariensis Canary Island Spurge - A stout shrub to 5-6' + & as wide w/upright green squarish stems & reddish spring flwrs. Good draining soil w/little to no H2O required. Hardy to 25F 
Euphorbia lambii Tree Euphorbia - Evergreen tree. Full sun. Low water needs. Chartreuse flowers in spring. 6-10' tall. 25-30 degrees F. 
Geranium maderense Madeira Island Geranium - Biennial w/large coarsely dissected leaves to 5' w/mass of mauve pink flowers in spring. Cool sun/light shade. Little/occasional H2O. To 25-30 deg F. 
Geranium maderense 'Alba' White Madeira Island Geranium - Biennial w/large coarsely dissected lvs to 5' w/ mass of dark eyed white flwrs in spring. Cool sun/light shade. Little/occasional H2O. To 25-30 deg F. 
Globularia x indubia Globe Daisy - Evergreen shrub to 2-3' tall by 5' wide w/blue lavender flowers in summer-fall. Full sun. Drought tolerant. Hardy to 20-25 degrees F. 
Limonium perezii Sea Lavender, Statice - Perennial to 3'x3' with purple & white flowers in summer. Full sun. Low water needs. Hardy to 25-30 degrees F. 
Phylica arborea Island Cape Myrtle - Shrub or small tree w/narrow green and gray leaves and greenish white terminal flwrs. Full sun. Regular irrigation. Hardiness not known but <25F. 
Ranunculus cortusifolius Canary Buttercup - Perennial w/large maple-like bright green lvs & tower of yellow flwrs in spring. Part sun/shade. Winter & spring H2O w/summer dormancy. Hardy to 25F. 
Salvia canariensis Canary Island Sage - Pshrub to 6-7' tall by as wide w/gray-green lvs & rose-purple flowers in late spring-summer. Full sun. Low water needs. Hardy to 25 degrees F. 
Senecio kleinia Canary Islands Candle Plant - Succulent shrub w/ narrow gray-green lvs & tiny fragrant white flwrs spring-summer. Full sun. Little irrigation. Hardy to 28F. 
Sideritis oroteneriffae Canary Island White Sage - Upright shrub 3-5' tall wi/fuzzy white lvs & pale yellow summer flwrs. Full sun/light shade. Well drained soil. Regular/little H2O. Hardy to 20F. 
Sonchus canariensis Tree Sonchus - Tall upright growing shrub to 6-8' tall w/dissected leaves many yellow flowers in spring. Full Sun. Drought tolerant. Hardy to +/- 25F. 
Teucrium betonicum Madeira Germander - Evergreen shrub 3-5' tall & wide w/sage-green lvs & violet-rose flowers spring-summer. Full sun/light shade. Little H2O. Hardy to 20-25F 
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