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Products > Plants - Browse By Plant Region > Europe and Eastern Russia

Region: Europe and Eastern Russia
A large geographical area from the British Isles and Western Europe the on the West across Europe and Eurasia to Siberia on the east and from Northern Europe south to the Mediterranean Sea. Separated from South West Asia by the Black Sea and the Caucus Mountains.
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Aloe labworana Labwor Hills Aloe - Stemless aloe to 2' tall w/red tinged blue-green white spotted lvs & yellow flwrs in fall. Full sun. Well-drained soil. Little H20. Hardy to 25F. 
Aloe lukeana Luke's Aloe - Rosette forming stemless plant to 1-2' tall with long green lvs & red-pink summer flowers. Full sun Regular irrigation in warm season. Hardy to 28F. 
Aloe megalacantha Large-toothed Aloe - Large shruby succulent 5-7' tall w/recurvedgray-green lvs & yellow flwrs in winter. Full Sun. Drought tolerant. Hardy to 28 F. 
Aloe mubendiensis Mubende Aloe - Stemless aloe to 1' tall w/pink tinged blue-green white spotted lvs & brick red flwrs in fall. Full sun.Well-drained soil. Little H20. Hardy to 25F. 
Aloe pulcherrima Sprawling with 1-2' wide rosettes of pale blue-green lvs & pale orange-red flwrs in summer. Full sun. Little Irrigation. Hardy to 25F. 
Aloe schelpei Shelpe's Aloe - Low clump forming succulent 2' tall w/blue-green lvs & red/ orange flwrs in late fall. Well drained soil. Little to occasional H2O. Hardy to 25 F. 
Aloe tororoana Tororo Rock Aloe - Shrub to 3-4' tall & wide w/light blue-green lvs & green tipped coral flwrs in fall. Full sun/light shade. Occasional to infrequent H2O. Hardy to 25F 
Aloe yavellana 'Gilfrid Powys' Powys Yavello Aloe - Shruby succulent to 3-4' tall & spreading w/gray-green lvs & summer/fall violet & gray flwrs. Full Sun/Light Shade. Drought tolerant. Hardy to 30 F. 
Antirrhinum hispanicum Spanish Snapdragon - Small evergreen subshrub 1' x 2' w/ gray-green lvs & pink, white & yellow flwrs spring-fall. Full sun/light shade. Little H20. Hardy to 0F. 
Aquilegia sibirica Siberian Columbine - Perennial to 1' tall w/gray foliage and lilac-blue flowers in spring-summer. Light shade. Medium irrigation. Hardy to below 0 F. 
Arbutus 'Marina' Marina Strawberry Tree - Evergreen tree to 50' with red bark and pale pink flower year-round. Full sun. Low water needs. Hardy to 15-20 F. (Saratoga Hort. Found. Intro.) 
Arbutus 'Marina' (Standard) Marina Strawberry Tree - Evergreen tree to 50' with red bark and pale pink flower year-round. Full sun. Low water needs. Hardy to 15-20 F. (Saratoga Hort. Found. Intro.) 
Arbutus unedo Strawberry Tree - Evergreen tree to 35' tall and wide. White flower in fall-winter. Sun/Part shade. Low water needs. Hardy to15-20 degrees F. 
Arrhenatherum elatius bulbosum 'Variegatum' Bulbous Oat Grass - Cool-season grass to 6-8" tall w/wheat color flowers in summer. Spreads slowly. Full sun/Light shade. Moderate water. Hardy to <15 degrees F. 
Artemisia arborescens Large Wormwood - Evergreen shrub to 4-6' tall & as wide w/aromatic disected white foliage. Full to part sun. Low water needs. Hardy to 20 F to 25 F. 
Artemisia 'Powis Castle' Wormwood - Evergreen shrub to 3' tall x 6' wide w/fine texture gray foliage. Full sun/light shade. Occasional to moderate H2O. Hardy to <15 degrees F. 
Asparagus aphyllus Mediterranean Asparagus - Open evergreen perennial 2-3' tall w/green lvs, small cream spring flwrs & red berries. Sun/light shade. Occasional/little H20. Hardy to 15-20F. 
Asphodeline lutea King's Spear - Rhizomatous perennial to 3' w/narrow gray-green lvs & fragrant yellow spring flwrs. Full sun. Well drained soil. Occasional H2O. Hardy to <0 F. 
Asphodelus aestivus White Asphodel - A perennial w/narrow gray-green leaves and star-like white flwrs in late spring. Full sun/ light shade. Little/occasional H20. Hardy to USDA zone 5. 
Ballota pseudodictamnus Grecian Horehound - Small shrub to 2' tall x 3+' wide w/fuzzy gray-green foliage. Small whitish purple flowers in summer. Full sun. Low water needs. Hardy to 10 degrees F 
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