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Products > Plants - Browse By Plant Region > Central America and Caribbean

Region: Central America and Caribbean
The tropical southern portions of North America from Guatemala to Panama and the islands of the Caribbean and Cuba. The tropical southern portions of North America from Guatemala to Panama and the islands of the Caribbean and Cuba.
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Hylocereus undatus 'Joyce Greenlund' Pitaya, Dragonfruit - Vining cactus to 30' w/support. Large white fragrant night flwrs & edible pink fruit. Full sun(coastal), well drained soil, summer H2O. Hardy to 30F. 
Jatropha integerrima Peregrina - Evergreen (frost free areas) subtropical shrub to 6-10' tall w/red flowers in summer. Full sun/light shade. Regular irrigation. Stems hardy to 25F. 
Lantana 'New Gold' New Gold Lantana - Low growing shrub to 2' tall by 6' wide w/golden-yellow flwrs spring-fall w/no fruit. Full sun. Occassional H20. Evergreen to 25F, root hardy to 10F. 
Montanoa grandiflora Daisy Tree - Evergreen shrub to 12' tall by as wide with sweetly aromtic white daisy flowers in fall-winter. Full sun. Water ocassionally. 20-25 degrees F. 
Olmediella betschleriana Guatemalan Holly - Evergreen tree 25-40' tall or trimmed shrub wi/large green holly-like leaves w/copper new growth. Sun/shade. Occasional H2O. Hardy to 25F. 
Oreopanax capitatus Picon - Small tropical evergreen tree from Mexico, C. America, W. Indies - 15-30 ft tall with large dark green leaves and gray bark. Hardy 25-30. 
Oxalis spiralis ssp. vulcanicola Volcanic Sorrel - Tuberous plant 8" tall by 3' wide w/red lvs & /yellow flwrs. Coastal sun/part to full shade. Occasional to moderate water. Hardy to 20-25F 
Parkinsonia aculeata Mexican Palo Verde - Deciduous tree to 15-20' tall with yellow flowers in summer. Full sun. Needs excellent drainage. Drought tolerant. 20-25 degrees F. 
Passiflora vitifolia 'Scarlet Flame' Red Granadilla - Evergreen vine with large 3 lobed leaves & red flowers in spring-summer. Full sun. Regular watering. Hardy to 30-32 degrees F 
Petrea volubilis Queen's Wreath - Evergreen vine to 40' (usually much smaller) w/purplish blue flwrs in summer. Full/part sun. Well drained soil. Regular watering. Hardy to 25-30 F. 
Phlebodium aureum Rabbit's Foot Fern - Fern with large pale green dissected leaves to 3' tall - spreading by rhizome. Shade. Moderate water needs. Hardy to 18 degrees F. 
Pithecoctenium crucigerum Monkey-comb - Semi-evergreen vine. Sun/Part shade. Moderate water. Creamy yellow flowers in late spring. 30-32 degrees F. 
Rovaeanthus strigosus Panama Rose - Shrub 3-4' tall by 2-3' wide w/dark green lvs & tubular rose flwrs in summer. Part sun/light shade. Regular Irrigation. Evergreen to 30F. 
Salvia guaranitica 'Costa Rica Blue' Evergreen shrub. Full sun. Drought tolerant. Dark blue flowers in spring-fall. 6'x6'. 20-25 degrees F. 
Salvia urica Blue Bush Sage - Robust shrubby sage to 6' tall and as wide with dark purplish blue flowers. Full sun (coastal to light shade) Occaisonal irrigation. Hardy to 25F. 
Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani Banded Bulrush - Deciduous shallow aquatic or bog plant with 4-5' tall tall narrow round leaves with yellow bands. Sun/Light shade. Hardy to <15F. 
Solanum wendlandii Giant Potato Creeper - Large vine to 10x15' tall/ wide with large purple flwrs that fade to white spring-fall. Full/partial sun. Regular water. Hardy(deciduous) to 20 F. 
Stigmaphyllon ciliatum Orchid Vine, Brazilian Golden Vine - Fast growing evergreen vine covered in summer w/clusters of bright yellow flowers. Prefers sun and part shade and regular watering. Hardy to 30-32 F. 
Thevetia thevetioides Giant Thevetia - Evergreen shrub/ small tree to 12-15' 'x equal spread w/ large yellow flowers summer-winter. Full sun. Regular watering. 25-30 degrees F. 
Yucca elephantipes Giant Yucca - Large succulent tree to 15-25' tall w/ large base and white flowers in spring-summer. Hardy to <15 degrees F. Yucca gloriosa, Hort. 
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