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Products > Agave salmiana 'Green Giant'
Agave salmiana 'Green Giant' - Giant Agave
Image of Agave salmiana 'Green Giant'
[2nd Image]
Habit and Cultural Information
Category: Succulent
Family: Agavaceae (now Asparagaceae)
Origin: Mexico (North America)
Evergreen: Yes
Flower Color: Yellow
Bloomtime: Infrequent
Synonyms: [A. salmiana var. ferox, Hort.]
Height: 4-6 feet
Width: 6-12 feet
Exposure: Full Sun
Summer Dry: Yes
Deer Tolerant: Yes
Irrigation (H2O Info): Low Water Needs
Winter Hardiness: 15-20 F
May be Poisonous  (More Info): Yes
Agave salmiana 'Green Giant' (Giant Agave) - This architectural succulent is recognizable by its thick, graceful, dark gray-green out-curving leaves with projecting spines and massive stature, reaching to 5-6 feet tall by twice as wide. When the plant matures and blooms the tall candelabra inflorescence rises to over 20 feet bearing yellow flowers that attract birds and bees. Produces ample suckers which can lead to a large colony if suckers are not removed. Plant in full sun where it is drought tolerant. In southern California this large dark green plant has long been identified as Agave salmiana var. ferox but recently, in consensus with several Agave experts in Texas, it now appears that this plant is actually a nice form of Agave salmiana; the variety ferox should be a much smaller plant and we currently grow a selection of it called 'Green Goblin'. Howard Gentry noted in his book that this plant is sensitive to frosts. We have had it weather through nights that dropped to 18 F without damage. The origins of this variety are somewhat unknown. It differs from other Agave salmiana in its massive stature, urceolate form and the shiny green leaves with short acuminate leaf tips. It was noted in cultivation in the Tehuacan and Puebla regions, probably because Agave salmiana is considered to be the great wine making agave "maguey de pulque" and was long cultivated for this purpose. This plant has also been in cultivation in Europe since the 19th century. A real specimen agave; not for the timid but a really distinct looking plant! Use extreme care when working around or trimming any Agave. Not only are the spines wicked and cause a painful swelling if one is poked, but the sap of many species is caustic. Many a person has regretted using a chainsaw, which throws the juices back at the user, to trim an agave. 

This information about Agave salmiana 'Green Giant' displayed on this web page is based on research we have conducted in our horticultural library and from reliable online resources. We also will relate observations we have made about it as it grows in our nursery gardens and other gardens visited, as well how our crops have performed in containers in the nursery field. Where appropriate, we will also incorporate comments that we receive from others and we welcome hearing from anyone with additional information, particularly if they can share cultural information that would aid others in growing this plant.