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Products > Vitis vinifera 'Purpurea'
Vitis vinifera 'Purpurea' - Purpleleaf Grape
Image of Vitis vinifera 'Purpurea'
Habit and Cultural Information
Category: Vine
Family: Vitaceae (Grapes)
Flower Color: Greenish White
Bloomtime: Spring
Height: 10-16 feet
Width: Spreading
Exposure: Full Sun
Irrigation (H2O Info): Low Water Needs
Winter Hardiness: 0-10 F
Vitis vinifera 'Purpurea' (Purpleleaf Grape) - A large deciduous cold hardy vine with 10 to 20 foot stems. In spring the newly emerging palmately lobed leaves are green, blushed with burgundy tones and fuzzy with white hairs. The leaves, which mature to nearly 6 inches long and wide, darken as the summer season progresses to deeper shades or burgundy and purple. In fall the leaves turn more of a deep red color before dropping. Small fragrant greenish-white flowers are produced in spring followed by deep purple edible grapes in the fall that are particularly attractive with the similarly colored foliage. Plant in full sun to part shade and irrigate occasionally to infrequently once established. Hardy to at least 0 F. Best in an open area with good air circulation to prevent mildew on the leaves. An interesting foliage color form of the common wine or table grape. It is an attractive plant on it own when planted along a wall, trellis, fence or through trees or anything that offers support or mixed in with other vines. The fruit of these grapes is sweet but surrounded by bitter skin. Winner in 1993 of the prestigious Award of Garden Merit form the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). The name of the genus used by Carl Linnaeus in 1753 came from the Latin name for the grapevine and thought to originated from a Proto-Indo-European language meaning "that which twines or bends". The specific epithet is Latin meaning "wine-bearing". Other common names for this cultivar include Tenturier Grape, Red-Leafed Grape and Purple-leaved Vine. The names with colors are for the leaf colors but Teinturier Grapes are so named for the flesh of the fruit and juice being red in color due to anthocyanin pigments within the pulp of the fruit and not the skin such as is the case of most red wine grape varieties. Our cutting stock from Suncrest Nurseries when they closed down in 2023.  The information about Vitis vinifera 'Purpurea' displayed on this page is based on research conducted in our nursery library and from online sources we consider reliable. We will also relate those observations made of this plant as it grows in our nursery gardens and in other gardens that we have visited, as well how the crops have performed in containers in our nursery field. We will also incorporate comments we receive from others and welcome hearing from anyone who has additional information, particularly when they share cultural information that would aid others in growing it.