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Products > Mangave 'Kaleidoscope' PP28,614
Mangave 'Kaleidoscope' PP28,614 - Kaleidoscope Mangave

Habit and Cultural Information
Category: Succulent
Family: Agavaceae (now Asparagaceae)
Origin: Mexico (North America)
Evergreen: Yes
Red/Purple Foliage: Yes
Yellow/Chartreuse Foliage: Yes
Variegated Foliage: Yes
Flower Color: Green
Bloomtime: Infrequent
Synonyms: [Manfreda, Agave 'Kaleidoscope']
Parentage: (Manfreda guttata x Agave sp.?)
Height: 1-2 feet
Width: 2-3 feet
Exposure: Sun or Shade
Summer Dry: Yes
Deer Tolerant: Yes
Irrigation (H2O Info): Low Water Needs
Winter Hardiness: 20-25 F
x Mangave 'Kaleidoscope' PP 28,614 - This very attractive fast growing evergreen plant grows to 18 to 2 inches tall by 2 to 3 feet wide in tight offsetting clumps of rosettes holding fleshy, narrow, lance-shaped leaves with denticulate (toothed) edges that arch outward and slightly down with yellow bands along a thin red margin and a narrow band of light green between the margin the darker olive green leaf center. Overlaying the entire leaf surface are well spaced red spots. Mature plants flower (but do not perish like some agave) with tall 6-7 foot vertical spikes of lightly fragrant green flowers in summer. A very attractive looking plant with the amazing colors that is best heightened in bright light to full sun when the reddish margins blend into an orange color in the yellow bands - just sensational! Plant in full to part sun in a well-drained soil and irrigate occasionally. Has proven hardy down into the mid 20s and listed by some as good down to USDA Zone 8a but hardiness has not really been well tested on this plant. With its bright colors and arching habit of foliage this plant makes a very nice container specimen and the flowers are attractive to hummingbirds. Mangave 'Kaleidoscope' is a uninduced vegetative sport of Mangave 'Jaguar' that occurred in the Walters Gardens tissue culture laboratory in 2013 and was introduced by them in 2016. Unfortunately it has proven unstable in the tissue culture process with more production now done by more traditional methods of propagation. The parent plant, 'Jaguar', is thought by some to be an intergeneric hybrid between an unknown agave and the wide ranging Manfreda guttata, but some consider 'Jaguar' a cultivar of Manfreda guttata, which was described by Joseph Nelson Rose in his 1905 Contributions from the United States National Herbarium. While it is rare in cultivation, Rose noted it to be "the commonest Manfreda in Mexico" and it has also been variously described as Polianthes guttata, Leichtlinia protuberans, Agave guttata and Agave protuberans. Mangave 'Kaleidoscope' received US Plant Patent PP 28,614 in November 2017.  The information on this webpage is based on research conducted about this plant in our nursery library, from online sources, as well as from observations made of it as it grows in the nursery in containers, in the nursery's garden and in other gardens where we have observed it growing. We will also incorporate comments received from others and welcome getting feedback from those who may have additional information, particularly if this information includes cultural information that would aid others in growing  Mangave 'Kaleidoscope' PP 28,614.