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Products > Garrya elliptica 'Evie'
Garrya elliptica 'Evie' - Evie's Silk Tassel Bush
Image of Garrya elliptica 'Evie'
[2nd Image]
Habit and Cultural Information
Category: Shrub
Family: Garryaceae (Silk-Tassels)
Origin: California (U.S.A.)
Evergreen: Yes
Flower Color: Greenish White
Bloomtime: Winter/Spring
Height: 8-12 feet
Width: 8-12 feet
Exposure: Sun or Shade
Summer Dry: Yes
Irrigation (H2O Info): Low Water Needs
Winter Hardiness: 0-10 F
Garrya elliptica 'Evie' (Evie's Silk Tassel Bush) A densely growing evergreen large shrub or small tree with opposite 1 1/2 to 2 inch long elliptically shaped leathery leaves with slightly wavy margins and are dark green on the upper surface and gray with woolly hairs underneath. This species is dioecious (male and female flowers on different plants) and this cultivar is a selected male flowering form - in the fall appear the male flowers buds that open in late winter as stunning display of 8 to 10 inch long creamy white tassels that often take on a purplish hue. This shrub has a moderate growth rate, typically reaching about 12 feet tall by as wide but in ideal conditions, can get considerably larger - our 25 year plant is now about 16 feet tall and 20 feet wide. Plant in full sun except in hot inland locations where it likely will need some shade and give only occasional to very little summer water. Hardy to around 10 degrees F (USDA Zones 7). Silk Tassel Bush makes a great informal hedge or specimen small tree and can be espaliered. It is noted as not being particularly attractive to browsing deer. This cultivar was selected by the legendary bay area plantsman, Wayne Roderick, who passed away in 2003. Wayne selected it from a road bank on the Kruze Ranch in Sonoma County in 1971, though this original plant was destroyed during later road development. Wayne remarked that he selected this plant because it was more compact than 'James Roof', with more branching and shorter internodes and he named it to honor Evie Matheson of Manning's Heather Farm in Sebastopol we find it interesting that a male clone is named for a woman but then again, Wayne Roderick was quite the practical joker! The Saratoga Horticultural Foundation introduced this plant in 1975. Garrya elliptica is native to Coast Ranges from southern Oregon to Santa Barbara County from sea-level to about 1200 feet in elevation. The genus was named after Nicholas Garry, assistant to David Douglas when they explored the western United States. It was Douglas who reportedly first collected seed of Garrya elliptica in 1828 and it was in cultivation in California as early as 1860. The specific epithet is in reference to the elliptic shape of the leaves. The attached images of the flowers were taken in our nursery garden by Carol Bornstein. 

This information about Garrya elliptica 'Evie' displayed is based on research conducted in our horticultural library and from reliable online resources. We also will relate observations made about it as it grows in our nursery gardens and other gardens we have visited, as well how the crops have performed in containers in our nursery field. We will also incorporate comments that we receive from others and we welcome hearing from anyone with additional information, particularly if they can share any cultural information that would aid others in growing it.