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Products > Cordyline Renegade ['Tana'] PP18,605
Cordyline Renegade ['Tana'] PP18,605 - Renegade Cordyline
Image of Cordyline Renegade ['Tana'] PP18,605
Habit and Cultural Information
Category: Grass-like
Family: Dracaenaceae (~Agaveaceae)
Origin: New Zealand (Australasia)
Evergreen: Yes
Red/Purple Foliage: Yes
Flower Color: Light Lavender
Bloomtime: Winter
Fragrant Flowers: Yes
Parentage: (Cordyline australis x C. banksii?)
Height: 3-5 feet
Width: 2-3 feet
Exposure: Cool Sun/Light Shade
Irrigation (H2O Info): Medium Water Needs
Winter Hardiness: 15-20 F
Cordyline Renegade ['Tana'] PP18,605 - A new and distinct tight clump-forming Cordyline that grows up from a swollen underground stem with branches to 5 feet tall topped by arching dark purple to nearly black foliage that has a glossy lacquered finish. This plant is most notable for its dramatic foliage but also has small fragrant pale purple flowers on delicate stems as an added bonus. We were originally told that this plant would bloom for us in the summer but in January 2010 our oldest plants began blooming in our field so we see it as fall and winter bloomer. Plant in full sun to part shade in a well-drained soil with regular to occasional irrigation. The best foliage color has been observed by the breeder in New Zealand to be in full morning sun with afternoon shade. We have not had it outside for a cold winter but it was unfazed at 30 F and is listed as hardy to USDA Zones 8-11. It is a very distinctive plant and while somewhat similar to Cordyline 'Jured', it has darker purple-black foliage where 'Jured' is more of a cherry red. 'Tana' is also observed to be tighter and less wobbly at the base, likely due to its deep thick tap root. This plant resulted from a presumed cross between Cordyline australis and Cordyline banksii that was selected by Dave Lloyd at his Plantlife nursery in Ashhurst, New Zealand. In 1999, Mr. Lloyd sowed seed he had purchased as Cordyline australis purpurea and noted that some of the resulting seedlings were clump forming with drooping foliage, more typical of the smaller Forest Cabbage Tree, Cordyline banksii. He selected one of these plants with particularly dark glossy foliage and named it 'Tana'. San Marcos Growers began trialling Cordyline 'Tana' in 2007 and the plant received US Plant Patent 18,605 on March 18, 2008. It is being marketed in the US by PlantHaven under the trade name Renegade. 

This information about Cordyline Renegade ['Tana'] PP18,605 displayed is based on research conducted in our horticultural library and from reliable online resources. We also will relate observations made about it as it grows in our nursery gardens and other gardens we have visited, as well how the crops have performed in containers in our nursery field. We will also incorporate comments that we receive from others and we welcome hearing from anyone with additional information, particularly if they can share any cultural information that would aid others in growing it.