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Products > Agave gentryi 'Jaws'
Agave gentryi 'Jaws' - Hardy Agave

Note: This plant is not currently for sale. This is an archive page preserved for informational use.  

[2nd Image]
Habit and Cultural Information
Category: Succulent
Family: Agavaceae (now Asparagaceae)
Origin: Mexico (North America)
Evergreen: Yes
Flower Color: Yellow
Bloomtime: Infrequent
Height: 3-4 feet
Width: 4-6 feet
Exposure: Sun or Shade
Irrigation (H2O Info): Medium Water Needs
Winter Hardiness: 0-10 F
Agave gentryi 'Jaws' (Hardy Agave) - This selection of Agave gentryi is a medium-sized rosette-forming succulent with glossy apple green leaves to 4 feet tall by 6 feet wide. This solitary growing plant has strong bud imprints and large teats and teeth along the leaf margin with the leaves folding together distinctively to resemble a mouth full of teeth, hence the name 'Jaws'. Plant in shade, especially in hotter climates, although it should tolerate coastal California full sun. This is one of the most cold tolerant of the large agave, tolerating temperatures down to 5 F. Water occasionally to regularly. Agave gentryi was first described by Howard Scott Gentry in Agaves of Continental North America. He described this plant as Agave macroculmis and noted that the leaves grew to 45-85 cm (18-33 inches) long by 17-26 cm (7 -10 inches) wide. In Joachim Thiede's more recent treatment of Agave in Illustrated Handbook of Succulent Plants: Monocotyledons he cites Bernd Ullich, who had renamed and described this plant as Agave gentryi after noting the name A. macroculmis be rejected because it was a synonym for Agave atrovirens. Thiede describes the leaf size as 60-100 cm (24 39 inches) long x 17-26 cm (7 -10 inches) wide. We were recently contacted by the UC Berkeley Botanic Garden who question the size that we list for this plant because of a plant within their collection they had received as Agave gentryi that had reached 8 feet tall by 10 feet wide. This plant in Berkeley far exceeds the described dimensions of the species and while both the Berkeley plant and 'Jaws' may have been collected in the same locality, we do not know that these two plants are the same clone or why the plant at the Berkeley Botanic Garden has gotten so large. Agave gentryi 'Jaws' was a offset collected by the John Fairey and Carl Schoenfeld in the late 1990's from 8,000 feet elevation in the mountainous areas of Nuevo Leon in northern Mexico where it grows in pine forests. Reportedly, the Berkeley plant was from seed collected in 1993 from a similar habitat in the neighboring state of Tamaulipas. Agave gentryi 'Jaws' was introduced by Yucca Do Nursery. Photos courtesy of Yucca Do Nursery.  The information on this webpage is based on research conducted about this plant in our nursery library, from online sources, as well as from observations made of it as it grows in the nursery in containers, in the nursery's garden and in other gardens where we have observed it growing. We will also incorporate comments received from others and welcome getting feedback from those who may have additional information, particularly if this information includes cultural information that would aid others in growing  Agave gentryi 'Jaws'.