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Products > Agave 'Blue Flame'
Agave 'Blue Flame'

[2nd Image]
Habit and Cultural Information
Category: Succulent
Family: Agavaceae (now Asparagaceae)
Origin: Mexico (North America)
Evergreen: Yes
Flower Color: Yellow Green
Bloomtime: Infrequent
Synonyms: [A. 'Dave Verity', A. 'Huntington Toothed']
Parentage: (A. shawii x A. attenuata)
Height: 2-3 feet
Width: Clumping
Exposure: Full Sun
Seaside: Yes
Summer Dry: Yes
Irrigation (H2O Info): Low Water Needs
Winter Hardiness: 20-25 F
Agave 'Blue Flame' - This is a beautiful succulent that forms clumps with rosettes which individually are 2 1/2 feet tall by to 3 feet wide. Older clumps build up to form large dense masses to up to 8 to 10 feet wide and 4 to 5 feet tall or more with flower stalks to 15 feet. The flexible blue-green leaves have finely serrate margins and a terminal spine. The blue cast to the leaves form from a glaucous waxy cuticle that covers the surface of the younger leaves. This feature can be enhanced by promoting new growth and vigor by giving regular irrigation and fertilizer and avoiding overhead water that can wash the leaf surface. Plant in full to part sun except in hot inland and desert gardens where light shade will prevent scorching of the foliage. Irrigate little or regularly for more vigor. Hardy to at least 25 F. The name 'Blue Flame' is both in reference to the blue in the foliage and also to the shape of the plant, which resembles a gas flame with its gracefully incurved leaf tips. This hybrid between Agave shawii (seed parent) and Agave attenuata (pollen parent) was created by Dave Verity in the early 1960's at UCLA's Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden. A specimen was planted at Huntington Botanic Garden (HBG 19706) where it first flowered in 1983. It is interesting that this is a cross between the subgenus Agave and Littaea with A. shawii (subgenus Agave), adding frost hardiness to the otherwise tender A. attenuata (subgenus Littaea). The hybrid inherits Agave attenuata's smooth, spineless, flexible foliage and graceful inflorescence while it gets a terminal spine and finely serrate margins from Agave shawii - it is not as gentle as Agave attenuata but not as spiny as Agave shawii. The Huntington Botanic Garden introduced this beautiful plant through the ISI (International Succulent Introduction) program in conjunction with Pacific Horticulture's PPP (Pacific Plant Promotions) in 2005 with the designation ISI 2005-6. Our original stock plants came from Rancho Soledad Nursery.  The information on this page is based on our research conducted in our nursery library, from online sources, as well as from observations made of this plant as it grows in our nursery containers, in the nursery's garden and in other gardens where we have observed it. We will also incorporate comments received from others and welcome getting feedback of any kind from those who have additional information, particularly if this information is contrary to what we have written or includes additional cultural tips that would aid others in growing  Agave 'Blue Flame'.