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Products > Brugmansia x candida 'Double White'
Brugmansia x candida 'Double White' - Double White Angel's Trumpet

Habit and Cultural Information
Category: Shrub
Family: Solanaceae (Potatoes, tomatoes, peppers)
Origin: Andean Area (South America)
Evergreen: Yes
Flower Color: White
Bloomtime: Summer/Fall
Fragrant Flowers: Yes
Synonyms: [Datura, Hort.]
Parentage: (Brugmansia aurea x B. versicolor?)
Height: 12-16 feet
Width: 6-12 feet
Exposure: Cool Sun/Light Shade
Deer Tolerant: Yes
Irrigation (H2O Info): Medium Water Needs
Winter Hardiness: 20-25 F
May be Poisonous  (More Info): Yes
Brugmansia x candida 'Double White' (Double White Angel's Trumpet) - Evergreen shrub/tree. Sun or shade. Moderate water needs. Flowers in summer-fall. Grows to about 15'x12'. This fragrant white-flowered datura is one of a kind. The ruffled double flowers are "hose in hose", with each set having a tube to the base of the flower. The foliage of this cultivar is easily distinguished from others by its soft gray hairs. Thought to be a hybrid between Brugmansia aurea and B. versicolor. It benefits from a hard cut back in the spring. Will take sun or shade, moderate water. Although it is hardy to about 20-25 degrees F., it usually will go semi-deciduous in the winter and have some down time then. Angel's Trumpet is one of the common names for Brugmansia, a genus in the Potato Family (Solanaceae) that has 5 species, all from South America. Other common names include Belladona and Datura, although the latter is somewhat misleading as Datura is also a genus name to which Brugmansia is closely related. The main distinguishing aspect that separates the Brugmansia from the true species of Datura is that the Brugmansia are large shrubs or small trees and the Datura, or Jimsonweeds (a name corrupted from Jamestown weed), are annual or perennial herbs.  The information provided on this page is based on research we have conducted about this plant in our nursery's library, from what we have found about it on reliable online sources, as well as from observations in our nursery of crops of this plant as well as of plants growing in the nursery's garden and those in other gardens. We will also incorporate comments received from others and welcome getting feedback from anyone who may have additional information, particularly if it includes cultural information that would aid others in growing  Brugmansia x candida 'Double White'.