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Mangave Collection at San Marcos Growers
Mangave collection
The Mangave trial collection at San Marcos Growers
x Hansara 'Jumping Jacks'PP 31,628
(Agave x Manfreda x Polianthes)
Tri-generic cross of Agave, Manfreda & Polianthes that has more upright habit and flexible leaves from their Polianthes parentage.
Manfreda 'Cherry Chocolate Chip' PP29918
(Manfreda 'Chocolate Chip' seedling)
A low, spreading rosette w/long green leaves containing chocolate spots &wavy-edged margins. Narrow, creamy white margins have cherry red spotting.
Manfreda 'Mint Chocolate Chip' PP29,343
(Manfreda 'Chocolate Chip' seedling)
Ground-hugging w/long, silvery blue-green leaves w/near-black spotting. Wider leaves than most Manfreda.
x Mangave 'Aztec King' PPAF
(Manfreda x Mangave)
Very large rosettes w/wide, broad silver-green leaves covered w/burgundy flecks. A large pot shows off its impressive size the best.
x Mangave 'Bad Hair Day' PP30279
(M. maculosa x A. geminiflora)
Low growing w/arching narrow, flat lime green leaves with light blush red spotting darkening near the tips. Easy to handle w/soft, flexible leaves.
x Mangave 'Black Magic' PP34,692
(Complex hybrid)
Rosette succulent with flat, lance-shaped leaves arching downward so heavily spotted to appear solid black. Brighter light gives richest black color.
x Mangave 'Blazing Saddles' PP31,274
(Mangave 'Bloodspot' x A. nizandensis)
Lows compact plant with green leaves heavily dotted w/clear red spots so dense they appear to have solid red bands w/green margins.
x Mangave 'Bloodspot'
(Agave macroacantha hybrid x Manfreda maculosa?)
Small solitary rosettes to 1' tall with maroon speckled gray-green lvs.Pups after flowering. Full Sun/light shade. Occasional H2O. Hardy to 25.
x Mangave 'Blue Dart' PPAF
(A. macroacantha x A. shawii x M. maculosa)
Narrow, flat and arching lime green flexible leaves have alight blush red spotting darkening toward the tips.
x Mangave 'Carnival' PP31,249
(Sport of Mangave 'Jaguar')
Long, lance-shaped dark green lvs w/wide, cream-yellow centers spotted w/light red. The opposite variegation of M. 'Kaleidoscope'.
x Mangave 'Catch a Wave' PP29723
(A. gypsophila x A. colorata x M. maculosa)
Upright growing w/very thick, silvery blue-green leaves are covered with dark spots and have margins that curl upward to display leaf margin teeth.
x Mangave 'Center of Attention' PPAF
(Agave nizandensis x M. 'Bloodspot x A. gypsophila)
Solitary rosette 18" tall by 27" wide w/red leaves w/a rose midstripe.
x Mangave 'Coffee Jitters' PP31,275
(M. longiflora x M. maculosa x A.marmorata)
A 6" tall x 2' wide, squid-like plant with narrow, rubbery, dark purple-brown foliage and tooth-like nubs along the deeply channeled leaves.
x Mangave 'Crazy Cowlick' PPAF
(A. bovicornuta x A. gypsophilax Manfreda hybrid)
A 20" tall x 3' wide plant w/very wide, wavy green leaves w/large purple spots concentrated towards the center and showy red teeth on the margins.
x Mangave 'Desert Dawn' PPAF
(A. macroacantha x A. nizandensis x Manfreda cv)
A 9" tall by 17" wide clump w/narrow lvs emerging purple and maturing green and marked by muted purple spots &a central stripe of purple
x Mangave 'Desert Dragon' PP31,311
(A. geminiflora x A. macroacantha x A, gypsophila x A. attenuata x Manfreda)
A ground-hugging succulent with wide, twisted mint green leaves overlayed with dark purple spots. Great for the landscape or a low, wide container.
x Mangave 'Dreadlocks' PP31,2016AF
((Manfreda maculosa x Agave gypsophylla) x M. 'Chocolate Chip'
A 6" tall x 2' wide clump of serpent-like, rubbery leaves of dark green marked w/large dark purple blotches. The waviest leaves of all Mangaves!
x Mangave 'Electric Cheetah' PPAF
(A. bovicornuta x Manfreda)
A 10" tall x 2' wide plant w/ glossy green leaves marked with large purple spots, darkest toward the center and edged with tiny bright red teeth.
x Mangave 'Falling Waters' PP30,650
(M. maculosa x A. ovatifolia)
Cascading, thick, blue-green leaves fold upward to display heavily toothed margins and with very faint darker spots
x Mangave 'Femme Fatale' PPAF
(A. macroacantha x Manfreda)
A spider-shaped 9" tall x 2' wide plant tattooed with dense purple spots over the blue background.
Mangave 'Fiercly Fabulous' PP33,166
(Complex hybrid)
Wide gray-green lvs w/serrated margins appear to be lightly airbrushed burgundy red with darker spots cover the leaves. Plants become upright with age.
x Mangave 'Foxy Lady' PP33,032
(Variegated sport of Mangave 'Silver Fox')
Compact mounds of short, broad, fleshy, silvery-colored lvs w/lavender undertones, creamy-white margins & orange-brown teeth and terminal spine.
x Mangave 'Freckles & Speckles' PP30904
( A.macroacantha x A. geminiflora x A.gypsophila x Manfreda)
Mint green lvs w/lavender tones & lightly freckled w/dark burgundy spots & margins curled up to display white serrated edge & pink terminal spine.
x Mangave 'Frosted Elegance' PPAF
(A. geminiflora x A. macroacantha x A, gypsophila x A. attenuata x Manfreda)
Small clumping to 6" tall by 1' wide w/powdery silver-blue lvs, accented w/a wide chartreuse central stripe. A sister of 'Desert Dawn'
x Mangave 'Inca Warrior' PPAF
(A. parryi x A. ovatifolia x Manfreda jaliscana)
A cross of Agave parryi, Agave ovatifolia, and Manfreda jaliscana w/ broad green leaves heavily spotted with purple.
x Mangave 'Ink Blot' PP29431
(M. undulata x M. maculosa x A. macroacantha)
Low, wide growing w/thick, broad dark green arching lvs w/red spots. Brighter light brings out the dark colors and spots. Great for decorative pots!
x Mangave 'Iron Man' PP31,250
(A. gypsophila x A. montana x Manfreda maculosa)
20" tall by 3' wide clumps of grey-green bud-imprinted lvs. Resembles Agave salmiana but faster growing w/rubber teeth instead of hard spines.
x Mangave 'Kaleidoscope' PP28,614
(Yellow variegated sport of x Mangave 'Jaguar')
2' by 3' w/long, lance-shaped & arching deep green & yellow lvs with bright rosy red dots & orange red margins. Most colorful of the Mangave!
x Mangave 'Lavender Lady' PP29,194
(Mangave 'Bloodspot' x A. attenuata)
Solitary rosettes of ovate smoky gray purple lvs w/tiny white teeth along the margins. Direct sunlight enhanced burgundy-purple dots on new lvs.
x Mangave 'Life on Mars' PP32,939
(Variegated sport of M. 'Mission to Mars')
A larger Mangave w/wide arching green lvs heavily speckled burgundy red w/lighter greenish-white to creamy yellow margins.
x Mangave 'Macho Mocha'
(Manfreda variegata x Agave celsii?)
Large rosette forming plant to 4-6' wide w/pliable gray-green lvs spotted maroon. Full sun/ light shade. Little to regular water. Hardy to 9 F.
x Mangave 'Man of Steel' PP29196
(A. striata x Mangave 'Bloodspot')
A tidy small rosette of narrow silver gray waxy sword-like lvs edged in brown tiny teeth w/matching terminal spines.
x Mangave 'Maverick' PP34,364
(Complex hybrid)
Upright rosette of long sword-like blue-green leaves almost completely covered in intense burgundy spots. Best color in direct sun.
x Mangave 'Mayan Queen' PP31,312
(Manfreda x A. macroacantha x A. gypsophila)
Frosty narrow bluish lvs w/ a serrated edge arch downward near the tips w/light burgundy spots making lvs look lavender from afar.
x Mangave 'Mission to Mars' PP29393
(Agave shawii x Agave x pseudoferox x Manfreda)
A large plant with wide arching green lvs heavily speckled with burgundy red making the plant overall look intensely red colored
x Mangave 'Moonglow' PP29195
(Mangave 'Bloodspot' x Manfreda undulata 'Chocolate Chips')
Silvery blue-green flat and fairly rigid leaves show off large contrasting dark purple spots. Looks spiky but relatively soft to the touch.
x Mangave 'My Dog Spot' PP31,490
(A.macroacantha x A. geminiflora x A. gypsophila x Manfreda)
Low clustering plant with long, thin light green lvs w/dark burgundy spots & small marginal spines.
x Mangave 'Navajo Princess' PP31,136
(A. montana x Manfreda maculosa)
1' tall by 30" wide rosettes of rubbery and wide cream margined lvs w/deep blue-green centers with light spots in center. Great container plant.
x Mangave 'Painted Desert' PPAF
(A. macroacantha x A. nizandensis x Manfreda)
1' tall x 2' wide clumps of long, narrow, rubbery olive green lvs heavily spotted w/purple on top of the muted gold central band.
x Mangave 'Pineapple Express' PP28613
(Variegated sport of Mangave 'Pineapple Express')
Symmetrical 18" tall x 2' wide spiky plant w/ long slender 1" wide yellow margined dark green lvs w/strong burgundy spotting. Edges glow with orange cast.
x Mangave 'Pineapple Punch' PP32,041
(Mangave 'Bloodspot' x A. pablocarrilloi)
Solitary rosette 14" tall by 24" wide w/blue-green and purple leaves.
x Mangave 'Purple People Eater' PP29,949
(Mangave 'Bloodspot' x A. pablocarrilloi)
Solitary rosette 14" tall by 24" wide w/blue-green and purple leaves.
x Mangave 'Racing Stripes' PP31,251
(A. lophantha x Agave gypsophila x Manfreda maculosa)
Dwarf plant to 8" tall by 14" wide w/ long nicely toothed, wavy green leaves having a central chartreuse band.
x Mangave 'Queen for a Day' PP32,711
(Sport of Mangave 'Mayan Queen')
Frosty narrow bluish arching serrated edged and scalloped lvs w/light burgundy spots with darker purple gray margins and olive green middle.
x Mangave 'Red Wing' PP31,459
(A. shawii x Manfreda longiflora)
To 18" tall by 26" wide w/ a symmetrical rosette deep red leaves. Great for both large containers and the landscape.
x Mangave 'Shadow Waltz' PP31,601
(A. parryi x A. nizandensis x Manfreda)
Low growing at first w/arching yet still long, narrow, dark green lvs having a lighter central band and soft teeth along the margins
x Mangave 'Silver Fox' PPP29,642
Mangave 'Bloodspot' x A. gypsophila)
1' tall by 2' wide w/thick arching light green lvs lightly spotted and covered in a waxy coating it a glowing whitish gray color. Nice marginal teeth
x Mangave 'Snow Leopard' PP31,137
(White variegated sport of x Mangave 'Jaguar')
18" tall by 2' wide w/long, lance-shaped leaves w/creamy white margin & light cherry red spots along the margins.
x Mangave 'Sponge Paint' PPAF
(A.potatorum x Manfreda)
Small 6" tall by 14" wide rosettes of silver-gray leaves lightly dotted with red flecks w/prominent teeth on the margins and a dark terminal spine
x Mangave 'Spotify' PPAF
(A. macroacantha x A. geminiflora x Manfreda maculosa)
A 18" tall x 30" wide clump of flat, pliable glaucous green leaves heavily spotted with large purple dots.
x Mangave 'Spotty Dotty' PP29,917
(A. gypsophila x A.bovicornuta x Manfreda maculosa)
To 10" tall by 3' wide with green lvs covered in small dark burgundy & folded up at the margins to show light colored teeth.
x Mangave 'Thunderbird' PPAF
(Mandreda hybrid x A. marmorata)
8" tall by 1' wide w/green lvs covered densely in small, dark burgundy purple spots and curved up at the margins displaying light teeth.
x Mangave 'Tooth Fairy' PP29,599
(A. macroacantha x A. shawii x Manfreda)
1' tall by 17" wide solitary rosette of glaucus blue lvs spotted with muted purple spots and prominent multi-colored teeth along the margins.
x Mangave 'Whale Tale' PPAF
(A. ovatifolia x A.gypsophila x Manfreda maculosa)
To 1' tall by 4' wide, this large plant has blue-green arching lvs lightly dark speckled w/a waxy coating making it look silvery blue.
x Mangave 'Wigging Out' PP32,712
(Variegated sport of Mangave 'Bad Hair Day')
Low growing w/arching narrow, flat lime green lvs w/light blush red spotting darker near tips & cream-white margins. Easy to handle w/soft, flexible leaves.
For more information see our Mangave Page

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