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  Lotusland Aloe Garden
Pathway through the Aloe Garden at Lotusland.
The Aloe Garden at Lotusland is a specacular sight in, especially in late winter when many aloe are in full bloom. The brick pathway leads down from the lotus pond through the aloe garden to the famous white clamshell pool. The Aloe Garden is mainly a horticultural display with many very fine specimens but with little collection or source data.

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Aloe in the collection include:

Aloe aculeata S. Africa(N.Prov.), Zimbabwe
Aloe acutissima Cen Madagascar
Aloe affinis South Africa
Aloe africana South Africa(E. Cape Province)
Aloe ammophila South Africa
Aloe amudatensis Uganda
Aloe angelica South Africa
Aloe arborescens South Africa
Aloe arborescens (variegated)
Aloe arborescens x wickensii
Aloe arenicola South Africa
Aloe aristata South Africa
Aloe barbadensis Saudi Arabia
Aloe barberae E South Africa
Aloe barberae x dichotoma
Aloe branddraaiensis South Africa(Mpumalanga)
Aloe brevifolia South Africa(W. Cape Province)
Aloe broomii South Africa
Aloe broomii v. tarkaensis South Africa
Aloe buhrii South Africa(N. Cape Province)
Aloe bulbillifera Madagascar
Aloe bulbillifera v. bulbillifera Madagascar
Aloe burgersfortensis South Africa(Mpumalanga)
Aloe cameronii South Africa
Aloe cameronii x arborescens
Aloe camperi Ethiopia
Aloe candelabrum South Africa(KwaZulu-Natal)
Aloe capitata v. capitata Cen Madagascar
Aloe capitata v. cipolinicola Cen Madagascar
Aloe capitata v. gneissicola Madagascar
Aloe capitata v. quartziticola Cen Madagascar
Aloe castanea South Africa(Northern Prov.)
Aloe chabaudii South Africa
Aloe chabaudii v. verekeri South Africa
Aloe ciliaris South Africa(E. Cape Province)
Aloe compressa v. rugosquamosa Cen Madagascar
Aloe comptonii South Africa
Aloe confusa Tanzania
Aloe congolensis Congo
Aloe conifera Cen Madagascar
Aloe cooperi South Africa
Aloe cryptopoda South Africa(Northern Prov.)
Aloe cv. Grande
Aloe cv. Lizard Lips
Aloe cv. Olympic Star
Aloe cv. Pink Perfection
Aloe cv. Prime Time
Aloe cv. Quicksilver
Aloe cv. Rooikappe
Aloe cv. Sparkling Burgundy
Aloe cyrtophylla Madagascar
Aloe davyana South Africa
Aloe dawei Uganda
Aloe decaryi Madagascar
Aloe deltoideodonta Madagascar
Aloe descoingsii SW Madagascar
Aloe dhalensis SW Arabia
Aloe dichotoma South Africa(N. Cape Province)
Aloe diolii Sudan
Aloe distans South Africa(W. Cape Province)
Aloe divaricata Madagascar
Aloe dolomitica South Africa(Northern Prov.)
Aloe dorotheae Tanzania
Aloe dumetorum Kenya
Aloe elegans W Africa
Aloe elgonica Kenya
Aloe eustanea
Aloe excelsa SW Africa
Aloe ferox South Africa
Aloe ferox x arborescens
Aloe fleurentinorum Yemen
Aloe flexilifolia Tanzania
Aloe fragilis Madagascar
Aloe framesii South Africa
Aloe gerstneri South Africa(KwaZulu-Natal)
Aloe globuligemma South Africa, Zimbabwe
Aloe gracilis South Africa(E. Cape Province)
Aloe grandidentata South Africa
Aloe greenii South Africa(KwaZulu-Natal)
Aloe greenwayi Tanzania
Aloe harlana Ethiopia
Aloe hemmingii Somalia
Aloe humilis South Africa
Aloe hybrid
Aloe ibitiensis Cen Madagascar
Aloe imalotensis Madagascar
Aloe intermedia
Aloe isaloensis Cen Madagascar
Aloe jacksonii Ethiopia
Aloe jucunda Somalia
Aloe juvenna Kenya
Aloe karasbergensis SW Africa
Aloe kedongensis South Africa
Aloe khamiesensis South Africa(N. Cape Province)
Aloe krapholiana v. dumoulinii South Africa (N. Cape)
Aloe lineata South Africa
Aloe lineata v. muirii South Africa(E. Cape Province)
Aloe littoralis SW Africa
Aloe longistyla South Africa
Aloe lutescens South Africa(Northern Prov.)
Aloe macrocarpa South Africa
Aloe macroclada Cen Madagascar
Aloe marlothii SW Africa
Aloe marlothii hybrid
Aloe mawii Malawi
Aloe mcloughlinii Ethiopia
Aloe mcloughlinii v. Ethiopia
Aloe melanacantha S Namibia to South Africa
Aloe microstigma South Africa
Aloe mitriformis South Africa(W. Cape Province)
Aloe mubendiensis Uganda
Aloe mudenensis South Africa(KwaZulu-Natal)
Aloe ngobitensis Kenya
Aloe nyeriensis Kenya
Aloe officinalis Saudi Arabia
Aloe ortholopha Zimbabwe
Aloe parvula Cen Madagascar
Aloe pearsonii S. Africa(N. Cape Province)
Aloe peckii Somalia
Aloe peglerae South Africa
Aloe petricola South Africa(Mpumalanga)
Aloe pillansii South Africa, Namibia
Aloe plicatilis South Africa(W. Cape Province)
Aloe pluridens South Africa
Aloe polyphylla Lesotho
Aloe porphyrostachys Saudi Arabia
Aloe pretoriensis S Zimbabwe to South Africa
Aloe prinslooi South Africa(KwaZulu-Natal)
Aloe pubescens Ethiopia
Aloe ramosissima Namibia,South Africa(N. Cape)
Aloe rauhii Madagascar
Aloe reitzii South Africa
Aloe rivae Somalia
Aloe rubroviolacea Arabia
Aloe rupestris S Mozambique, S. Africa
Aloe sabaea Saudi Arabia
Aloe saponaria South Africa
Aloe schomeri Madagascar
Aloe scobinifolia Somalia
Aloe scorpioides Angola
Aloe secundiflora E Africa to Sudan
Aloe sessiliflora South Africa
Aloe sheilae Saudi Arabia
Aloe sinkatana Sudan
Aloe somaliensis Somalia
Aloe somaliensis v. marmorata Somalia
Aloe sp.
Aloe sp. Socotra
Aloe speciosa South Africa
Aloe spectabilis South Africa
Aloe spinosissima South Africa
Aloe squarrosa Yemen(Socotra)
Aloe striata SW Africa
Aloe striatula S. Africa(E. Cape Prov.)
Aloe suarezensis Madagascar
Aloe succotrina South Africa(W. Cape Province)
Aloe suprafoliata Swaziland, South Africa
Aloe suzannae SW Madagascar
Aloe swynnertonii Zimbabwe, Mozambique
Aloe tenuior South Africa
Aloe thraskii South Africa
Aloe tomentosa Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Somalia
Aloe tororoana Uganda
Aloe vacillans Saudi Arabia,Yemen
Aloe vanbalenii South Africa
Aloe vaombe SW Madagascar
Aloe vaotsanda Madagascar
Aloe variegata S Namibia to South Africa
Aloe viguieri SW Madagascar
Aloe virens South Africa
Aloe wickensii South Africa
Aloe x principis South Africa
Aloe yavellana Ethiopia
Aloe zebrina SW Africa

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