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The Phlomis at San Marcos Growers

Phlomis is a genus of mostly woody shrubs or sub-shrubs in the mint family (Laminaceae). They are found in their highest concentration in the temperate regions around the Mediterranean basin and east into Asia. The leaves and stems are often hirsute with white or golden hairs and flowers are in whorls - resembling salvia - consisting of two-lipped corollas with calyces that are often spine tipped. Phlomis will grow in light shade but it is best to plant them in a sunny location in soils of low to moderate fertility that drain well. In coastal conditions Phlomis does not require much water once established although inland they may require a regular watering schedule as well as some protection from intense sun and heat. Cut back after each flowering for its best appearance. Great plants for a mixed perennial bed or English garden. Use in combination with purple-toned leafed plants and grasses; in succulent gardens; rock gardens; patios and small area gardens.
Some Phlomis we grew in the past but no longer include in our database include:

Phlomis chrysophylla - A low growing shrub from Lebanon shrub with oblong yellow green leaves that have golden highlights along the upper surface margin and prominent reticulate venation on the lower surface. The golden yellow flowers appear late spring into summer.
Phomus cretica - A compact silver gray shrub from the mountainous and rocky slopes of Crete and the Isle of Rhodes that grows to only 18 inches tall with leaves much like Phlomis fruticosa but much more silver. The flowers are likewise like P. fruticosa, with whorls of orange yellow flowers but there are fewer whorls on each branch tip.
Phlomis italica - A small shrub endemic to the Balearic Islands of Minorca and Ibiza. A plant that may be confused in the horticultural trade. The form that we have is a shrub that grows to to 2-3 feet tall with white tomentose leaves and pale pink flowers. It is hardy to at least 18 F. We received this plant from the Saratoga Horticultural Foundation in 1987. Another form from the Barcelona Botanic Garden more closely resembles the plant described as Phlomis caballeroi.
Phlomis platystegia - Another mystery Phlomis. The seed was received from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem as P. plastystegia. It is a beautiful upright growing shrub with silver white hairs on the underside that highlight the leaf margins, contrasting well with olive green upper leaf surface. The flowers are orange yellow.
Phlomis tuberosa - This is a stout perennial from central to southern Europe east to central Asia. It has erect stems that emerge from tuberous roots. The deep green basal leaves are coarsely toothed and the flowers in many whorled clusters to 3 feet tall. An interesting plant for the perennial garden.

Phlomis we currently grow
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Phlomis cashmeriana Kashmir Sage - Large perennial or subshrub to 2-3' tall by 3-5' wide w/lilac pink flowers in spring-summer. Full sun. Low water needs. Hardy to 15-20 degrees F. 
Phlomis fruticosa Jerusalem Sage - Evergreen shrub to 4' tall & wide with grey lvs and yellow flowers in spring-summer. Full Sun. Drought tolerant. Hardy to 18 degrees F or below. 
Phlomis 'Grande Verde' Jerusalem Sage - Evergreen shrub 4-5' tall and wide with broad soft green lvs & yellow flwrs in spring-summer. Full sun. Drought tolerant. Hardy to 18 degrees F. 
Phlomis lanata Small Jerusalem Sage - Evergreen low compact 1-2' tall shrub w/small lvs & yellow flwrs nearly year-round. Full sun/light shade. Drought tolerant. Hardy to at least 15 F. 
Phlomis purpurea Purple Phlomis - Evergreen shrub 4-6' tall w/gray-green lvs and lavender flwrs often year round. Full Sun. Well drained soil. Drought tolerant. Hardy to 15 degrees F. 
Phlomis purpurea 'Semper Purple' Purple Phlomis - Evergreen shrub 4-6' tall w/gray-green lvs and lavender flwrs often year round. Full Sun. Well drained soil. Drought tolerant. Hardy to 15 degrees F. 
Phlomis purpurea ssp. caballeroi Pink Moroccan Sage - Evergreen shrub 4-6' tall w/soft hairy lvs & pale pink flwrs in spring. Plant in full sun. Little irrigation required. Likely hardy to 15 degrees F 
Phlomis russeliana Turkish Sage - Semi evergreen spreading perennial to 2' tall w/large soft lvs & yellow flwrs spring-summer. Sun/light shade. Low water needs. Cold hardy to 0-10 F. 
Phlomis viscosa Viscid Jerusalem Sage - Evergreen shrub with soft wooly yellow green leaves and yellow flowers late spring-summer. Full sun/light shade. Low water needs. Hardy to 20F? 
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