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Bambusa beecheyana Beechey Bamboo - Bamboo. To 50' tall with 5 culms. Clumping with large arching stems. Give occasional irrigation. Full sun. Hardy to 15 degrees F.   
No longer in production
Bambusa dolichomerithalla 'Green Stripe' Green Stripe Blowgun Bamboo - Clumping bamboo to 25' tall with 2" wide yellow-green culms with a dark green stripe. Full sun. Regular irrigation. Hardy to 25F.  [B. 'Green stripe-stem'] 
No longer in production
Bambusa lako Timor Black Bamboo - Large upright tropical clumping bamboo to 20-30' tall with dark black culms. Plant in full sun. Water and fertilize regularly. Hardy to 25F.  [Gigantochloa atroviolacea 'Timor Black'] 
No longer in production
Bambusa malingensis Seabreeze Bamboo - Clumping bamboo to 35' tall w/ 2 1/2" wide (usually smaller) dark green culms w/small dark green leaves. Full sun. Regular irrigation. Hardy to 21F.   
No longer in production
Bambusa multiplex 'Alphonso-Karr' Alphonse Karr Bamboo - Clumping bamboo with green striped yellow culms to 25' tall by 1 1/2" wide. Sun/Light Shade. Give occasional irrigation. Hardy to 12 degrees F.  [B. glaucescens 'Alphonse Karrii' ] 
Bambusa multiplex 'Golden Goddess' Golden Goddess Bamboo - Clumping Bamboo with thin green culms to 6'-10' tall by 1/2 wide. Sun/Light Shade. Give occasional irrigation. Hardy to 12 degrees F.  [Bambusa glaucescens 'Golden Goddess'] 
Bambusa multiplex 'Riviereorum' Chinese Goddess Bamboo - A fine textured small clumping bamboo to 6' tall with culms. Sun/Light Shade. Medium water needs. Hardy to 12 degrees F. Great container bamboo!  [Bambusa glaucescens 'Riviereorum'] 
No longer in production
Bambusa oldhamii Giant Timber Bamboo - Clumping bamboo to 55' tall w/4" wide straight vertical culms. Full sun. Low water needs but best if given an occasional irrigation. 15 degrees F.   
No longer in production
Bambusa textilis Weaver's Bamboo - Tight clumping bamboo to 40' tall w/ 2" wide pale green culms w/ light blue cast - arches gracefully. Full sun. Moderate water needs. To 10-15 F.   
Bambusa vulgaris 'Vittata' Painted Bamboo - Clumping bamboo to 30-50' with 4" wide golden culms striped with green that arch over toward tips. Full sun. Occasional water. Hardy to 27 degrees F.  [B. vulgaris 'Striata'] 
No longer in production
Chimonobambusa quadrangularis Square Bamboo - Running bamboo to 15-20' tall with 1" wide square green culms. Coastal sun/ light shade. Regular to occasional irrigation. Hardy to 15 F  [Tetragonocalmus-angulatus, T. quadrangularis] 
No longer in production
Hibanobambusa tranquillans 'Shiroshima' Shiro-shima-inyo - Slender stem, running bamboo to 10-15' tall with 4-6" long green & white striped lvs. Part sun. Irrigate occasionally. Hardy below 0 F.  [Hibanobambusa tranquillans 'Kemmei'] 
No longer in production
Sinobambusa tootsik 'Albostriata' Variegated Chinese Temple Bamboo - Running bamboo 15-20+' tall w/1" wide culms topped w/cream-striped leaves. Full sun (coast)/light shade. Regular to occasional H2O. Hardy to 10F.   
No longer in production
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