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Aloe Safari Orange ['Andora'] PP28,003 Safari Orange Aloe - Custering to 3' tall w/gray-green lvs & bright orange flwrs late fall-winter. Full sun. Little water. Hardy to around 23 F. Propagation Prohibited.  [A.'Orange Delight'] 
Aloe 'Safari Rose' PP28,002 Safari Rose Aloe - Clumping 1' tall w/upright green lvs & pink & salmon flwrs fall-spring. Sun/light shade. Occasional water. Hardy to 23F. Propagation Prohibited.   
Aloe Safari Sunrise ['X5'] PP23,267 Safari Sunrise Aloe - Clumping 1' tall w/thin upright green lvs & pink & white flwrs spring-winter. Sun/light shade. Occasional water. Hardy to 21F. Propagation Prohibited  [Aloe Porcupine, A. Ball-115] 
Aloe salm-dyckiana Large erect succulent to 8-9' tall with a solitary trunk. Red flwrs in late winter into spring. Hybrid of A. ferox x A. arborescens. Hardy to 25 F.  [Aloe x principis] 
Aloe 'Samson' Samson Aloe - Large tree aloe wih 2' long lvs & pale salmon-orange flowers fall-winter. Full sun. Good drainage. Little irrigation. Hardy to 25F.   
Aloe Scarlet Rockets ['LEO 3711'] Super Red Sunbird Aloe - Succulent to 4-5' tall w/gray-green toothed lvs & vivid red winter flwrs. Full sun. Little H20 required. Hardy to 25-30F. Propagation Prohibited.   
Aloe schelpei Shelpe's Aloe - Low clump forming succulent 2' tall w/blue-green lvs & red/ orange flwrs in late fall. Well drained soil. Little to occasional H2O. Hardy to 25 F.   
Aloe scobinifolia Somalian Aloe - Stemless solitary plant w/open rosettes of smooth margined gray-green lvs and orange flwrs summer/ fall. Full Sun. Little H20. Hardiness not known.   
Aloe secundiflora var. sobolifera Tanzanian Aloe - Clustering succulent with narrow lanceolate leaves and rose pink flowers on 1 sided inflorescence. Full sun. Summer irrigation. Hardiness unknown.   
No longer in production
Aloe 'Snowstorm' Snowstorm Aloe - Clustering to 4" tall w/short triangular green lvs w/ white bands & white & orange flwrs. Sun/light shade. Occasional water. Hardy to 25-30F.   
Aloe speciosa Tilt-head Aloe - Succulent to 10'+ w/gray-green lvs & greenish-white flowers from red-pink buds in winter. Full Sun. Drought tolerant. Hardy to 20 degrees F.   
Aloe spicata Bottle-brush Aloe - Shruby aloe 4 to 6' tall & wide w/bright green reddish toned lvs and winter orange-yellow flwrs. Full sun/light shade. Little H2O. Hardy to 25F.  [Aloe sessiliflora] 
No longer in production
Aloe 'Splashy Lassie' Variegated Grassy Lassie - Succulent to 1 'w/narrow cream stripped green lvs turning bronze in sun & orange flwrs year-round. Sun/light shade. Well drained soil. Hardy to 25F.   
Aloe 'Starfire' Griffin Starfire Hybrid Aloe - Small upright plant 6-12" tall & wide w/pale green lvs w/orange dashes & orange winter flwrs. Sun/light shade. Occasional/Lite H20. Hardy to 25F.   
No longer in production
Aloe striata Coral Aloe - Succulent 2' rosettes w/pale green broad leaves. Coral-red inflorescence in late winter/early spring. Sun. Drought tolerant. Hardy to 20 degrees F.   
Aloe striata ssp. karasbergensis Karasburg Coral Aloe - Succulent with wide blue-green wide leaves w/linear striations reddish pink flowers. Full sun/ light shade. Very Drought tolerant. Hardy to 20-25 F.  [A.karasbergensis] 
No longer in production
Aloe striatula 'Burly' Large Hardy Aloe - Succulent to 6' tall by 5' wide with narrow leaves and yellow flowers late spring and summer. Full sun. Drought tolerant. Hardy to 15 degrees F.  [Aloiampelos striatula] 
Aloe succotrina Table Mountain Aloe - Midsize aloe 3-4' tall by 5-6' wide w/erect gray-green lvs & orange-red flwrs in winter. Full Sun/Light Shade. Drought tolerant. Hardy to 20 F.  [A. perfoliata, A. purpurascens] 
Aloe 'Sunrise' Griffin Sunrise Hybrid Aloe - Small upright plant 6-12" tall & wide w/gray-green lvs w/red ridges & red-orange winter flwrs. Sun/light shade. Occasional/Lite H20. Hardy to 25F.   
Aloe suzannae Malagasy Tree Aloe - Large succulent to 8-12' tall with narrow gray leaves and cream flowers winter-spring (rare). Full sun. Drought tolerant. Hardy to about 27F.   
No longer in production
Aloe tenuior Fence Aloe - Succulent shrub to 3' tall by 5' wide ith narrow blue-green lvs and yellow flwrs fall-winter. Sun/light shade. Occasional H2O . Hardy to 27F  [Aloiampelos tenuior] 
Aloe 'Thorny Warrior' Upright rosettes to 3'+ w/ yellow teeth & thorns on lvs & salmon fall flwrs. Full sun. Well drained soil. Little irrigation. Hardy to 30F - maybe less   
No longer in production
Aloe thraskii Coast Aloe - Tall Succulent to 10+' few branches w/gray-green lvs & orange-yellow flowers in winter. Full sun. Drought tolerant. Hardy to 30 F.   
Aloe 'Tingtinkie' Clumping w/small rosettes of green lvs & unbranched stems of coral &cream flwrs year round. Full sun/shade. Little irrigation. Hardy to 25F.   
Working on this plant but not yet available
Aloe tomentosa Hairy Green Aloe - Upright solitary aloe w/pale green leaves & fuzzy chartreuse flowers in summer. Fulll sun/light shade. Little irrigation required. Hardy to 25F.   
Aloe tongaensis 'Medusa' Mozambique Tree Aloe - Succulent tree to 9' tall w/pale green narrow lvs & pale orange flwrs in winter. Full sun. Well drained soil. Regular/iInfrequent H2O. Hardy to 22F.  [A.barberae/bainsii Medusa, Aloidendron tongaense] 
Aloe Topaz ['LEO 4120'] Topaz Grass Aloe - Clumping succulent 18" tall with narrow upright green lvs w/pink & orange flwrs. Full sun-light shade. Occasional irrigation. Hardy to 25-30 F   
Aloe tororoana Tororo Rock Aloe - Shrub to 3-4' tall & wide w/light blue-green lvs & green tipped coral flwrs in fall. Full sun/light shade. Occasional to infrequent H2O. Hardy to 25F   
Aloe 'Tropic World' Rosette succulent to 10" tall w/bright green spotted tubular lvs. Full coastal sun/light shade. Well drained soil. Occasional water. Hardy to 31F.   
Aloe vanbalenii Van Balen's Aloe - Stemless rosette forming succulent w/long twisting leaves - red in sun when winter dry or green in shade. Water spring-fall. Hardy to 25F.   
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