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Products > Plants - Browse By Plant Region > South Africa and Madagascar

Region: South Africa and Madagascar
South Africa from the Kalahari Desert south to the Cape of Good Hope and Madagascar, the forth largest island in the world.
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Agapanthus 'Rancho White' Dwarf White Agapanthus - Deciduous perennial with narrow leaves to 1' tall w/hite flowers in summer. Full sun/light Shade. Medium watering needs. Hardy to 15-20 degrees F. 
Agapanthus 'Snow Pixie' PP15,470 Snow Pixie Agapanthus - Dwarf evergreen plant w/clusters of white flwrs to 21" tall. Full Sun/light shade. Average h2o. Hardy to 15-20F. Unauthorized propagation prohibited. 
Agapanthus 'Storm Cloud' Dark Blue Agapanthus - Evergreen strapped leaf perennial to 2' w/deep blue flwr to 3-4' in late spring-summer. Sun/Light Shade. Average h2o. Hardy to 20-25 degrees F. 
Agapanthus 'Tinkerbell' Dwarf Variegated Agapanthus - Dwarf perennial to 6-12" tall with variegated foliage and light blue flowers in summer. Full Sun to part shade. Moderate water. Evergreen to 25 F. 
Agapanthus Twister ['AMBIC001'] PP25,519 Twister Lily of the Nile - Semi-evergreen w/ 1' lvs & heads of bicolor white & blue-violet flwrs on 4' stems in midsummer. Full Sun. Regular H2O. Hardy to USDA Zone 8. 
Albuca acuminata Narrow-leafed Albuca - Bulbous plant w/narrow channeled lvs & spring green keeled greenish yellow nodding fwrs. Full sun. Well drained soil. Little H2O. Hardy to 20F. 
Albuca juncifolia Rush-leaved Albuca - Bulb w/long narrow round green lvs and green-white flwrs in spring. Plant in full sun in a well drained soil w/little or no irrigation. Hardy to 20?. 
Albuca nelsonii Natal Albuca - A tall growing evergreen bulb w/ foliage to 3 feet & white w/ green striped flowers rising above the foliage. Part sun to light shade. Hardy to 26 F. 
Alluaudia procera Madagascan Ocotillo - Tree-like deciduous succulent to 25' w/spines & small lvs on whip-like uprigth stems. Full sun. Little to occasional H2O. Hardy to 25F. 
Aloe acutissima Blue Aloe - Shrub aloe to 3' tall by 4+ feet wide w/pale blue-green leaves & orange flowers in winter. Full sun. Well drained soil. Little H2O. Hardy to 25F. 
Aloe acutissima var. antanimorensis Dwarf Blue Aloe - Groundcove aloe to 1' tall by 4' wide w/pale blue-green leaves & orange flowers in winter. Full sun. Well drained soil. Little H2O. Hardy to 25-30F. 
Aloe affinis Succulent w/ solitary rosettes to 2-3' tall/wide & 3' tall stalks of orange-red flowers in winter. Full/ part sun. Regular irrigation. Hardy to 22F. 
Aloe africana Spiny Aloe - Small tree-like single stemmed Aloe to 6' tall orange & yellow flwrs winter-spring. Full sun. Occasional summer water. Hardy to 25F. 
Aloe antandroi Antandroi Aloe - Small clambering succulent to 2-3' tall w/support w/thin gray-brown lvs spotted white & fall orange flwrs. Full coastal sun. Litte H20. Hardy to 25F. 
Aloe arborescens Torch Aloe - Large shruby succulent to 6-9' tall & wide w/recurved lvs & coral-red flwrs in fall/winter. Full Sun/Light Shade. Drought tolerant. Hardy to 22 F. 
Aloe arborescens 'Lutea' Golden Torch Aloe - Succulent. Full Sun(Coast)/Light Shade. Drought tolerant. Yellow inflorescence from late fall through winter. 5' x 5' Hardy to 22 degrees F 
Aloe arenicola Sand Aloe - Unique low crawling succulent w/spotted blue-green leaves and orange flowers in summer. Full sun. Well-drained soil. Little H20. Hardy to 25F. 
Aloe bakeri hybrid Hybrid Baker's Aloe - Clumping w/small rosettes of red-green lvs & unbranched stems of yellow & apricot flwrs in fall. Full sun/shade. Little irrigation. Hardy to 25F. 
Aloe barberae Tree Aloe - Succulent tree. Full sun. Drought tolerant. Rose-pink inflorescence in late fall/ early winter. Grows to 30'. 25-30 degrees F. [Aloe bainesii] 
Aloe betsileensis Betsileo Aloe - Solitary rosette of blue-green lvs blush maroon. Winter w/yellow flwrs. Plant in full sun. Well drained soil. Occasionally to little H2O. Hardy to 28F 
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