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Products > Plants - Browse By Plant Region > Tropical Africa

Region: Tropical Africa
The humid and dry tropical area and subtropical areas of Central Africa. Bordered to the north by the Saharan Desert and to the South by the Kalahari Desert.
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Impatiens sodenii Poor Man's Rhododendron - Shrub/ Perennial to 4-8' tall as wide w/dark green foliage & pink flwrs year-round. Light shade (coastal sun). Regular water needs. 30-32 degrees F. 
Impatiens sodenii 'Madonna' White Poor Man's Rhododendron - Shrub/ Perennial to 4-8' tall as wide w/dark green lvs & white flwrs year-round. Light shade (coastal sun). Regular water needs. 30-32 degrees F. 
Ipomoea cairica Coastal Morning Glory - Vigorous vine to 6 to 10 feet tall with lavender blue-purple flowers nearly year-round. Full Sun. Water regularly. Hardy to at least 30-32 F 
Kalanchoe grandiflora Yellow Kalanchoe - Upright succulent to 3' with blue-green foliage. Small fragrant yellow flowers in late spring. Water occasionally. Hardy to 28F. 
Kalanchoe humilis Succulent shrub to 1-3' w/open rosettes of maroon spotted gray-green lvs & summer small purple flwrs. Full sun/light shade. Low H2O. Hardy ? 
Kalanchoe marmorata 'Seacrest' Penwiper - Succulent shrub 2-4' tall w/large gray lvs often maroon spotted & winter white flwrs. Full/part sun in well drained soil. Occasional H20. Hardy to 25F 
Kniphofia thomsonii Alpine Poker - Perennial w/ tubular apricot flwrs on 4' stalks w/ gray-green leaves. Summer bloom. Frost hardy. Full sun/light shade. Grows in wet or dry conditions. 
Markhamia lutea Nile Tulip Tree - Upright evergreen tree to 30 ft tall w/green pinnate lvs & summer yellow flwrs. Full/part sun. Regular to occasional H20. Hardy to 25F. 
Pennisetum 'Eaton Canyon' Dwarf Red Fountain Grass - Grass w/fine textured red-bronze foliage to 18-30" tall & red-bronze flwrs in summer. Full sun. Low water needs. Hardy to 25 F +/- evergreen >32 F. 
Pennisetum 'Fairy Tails' Evergreen Fountain Grass - Upright evergreen fountain grass to 4' tall with wheat colored bloom 18" above foliage. Regular to little water. Full sun. Hardy to 20 F?. 
Pennisetum 'Fireworks' PP18,504 Fireworks Fountain Grass - Semi-evergreen (mild climates) w/3-4' tall red lvs striped w/green & white. Red flwrs in the summer. Full sun. Drought tolerant. Root hardy to 20 F. 
Pennisetum massaicum Red Bunny Tails Fountain Grass - Semi-evergreen grass 18-24" tall w/ 3' tall stalks of redddish flwrs late spring-summer. Sun/Light shade. Occasional H2O. Hardy to 5 F degrees F. 
Pennisetum x advena 'Rubrum' Red Fountain Grass - Semi-evergreen grass (mild climates) with 5' tall dark burgundy foliage and flowers in the summer. Full sun. Drought tolerant. Root hardy to 20 F. 
Pentas lanceolata 'Nova' Egyptian Star Flower - Upright growing tender perennial 2'-3' tall with pink flowers. Plant in full sun to light shade. Water regularly. Evergreen in frost free zones. 
Pentas lanceolata 'Red' Red Egyptian Star - Tender perennial with large clusters of red blooms and rich green leaves. Good for a container or low border planting. Full Sun. Regular irrigation. 
Phoenix reclinata Senegal Date Palm - Multi-trunked palm that can grows to 30' tall and as wide. Plant in full sun. Ample water. Hardy to 25-30 degrees F. 
Plectranthus argentifolius Somalian Spur Flower - Low growing shrub w/gray-green aromatic foliage & pale blue flwrs in spring Full sun/light shade. Drought tolerant. Hardy to 30F 
Plectranthus ciliatus 'Drege' Spur Flower - Evergreen perennial to 1' tall w/green leaves w/ purple undesides & white flowers summer-winter. Shade. Regular watering. 30-32 degrees F. 
Sansevieria ballyi Dwarf Sansevieria - Rosette forming succulent <1' tall w/stolon holding rosettes of short round recurved lvs. Part sun/ shade. Irrigate sparingly. Hardy to 28 F 
Sansevieria bhitalae 'Superclone' Rippled, dark green leaves, smudged with light green form clump up to 4 ft. tall. Sun, but will tolerate low light. Excellent in containers. 30-32 F 
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