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Products > Plants - Browse By Plant Region > Tropical Asia

Region: Tropical Asia
South East Asia from Myanmar (Burma) east through Thailand, Laos and Vietnam and the island chains of Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.
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Rosa laevigata Cherokee Rose - Climbing Shrub. Sun. Moderate water. White flowers in spring. 15' tall. Hardy and evergreen to 20-25 degrees F. 
Schefflera arboricola 'Variegata' Variegated Dwarf Umbrella Plant - Large shrub to 8-16' tall by 6-8' wide with variegated palmate leaves. Full coastal sun/shade/indoors. Occasional irrigation. Hardy to 25 F. 
Schefflera pueckleri Mallet Flower - Evergreen tree to 15-40' tall. Sun/Light shade. Moderate water needs. Green flowers in winter. Cold hardy to 25-30 degrees F. 
Syzygium jambos Rose Apple - Tropical spreading tree to 20' x 20' with white flowers and yellow fruit (frost free areas). Full sun/light shade. Regular irrigation. Hardy to 25F 
Tetrapanax papyrifer Rice Paper Plant - Evergreen shrub to 10-15' tall.w/large felty leaves & creamy-white flowers in winter. Sun/Shade. Medium water needs. Hardy to at 18 degrees F. 
Tetrastigma voinierianum Chestnut Vine, Lizard Plant - Vigorous evergreen vine with large grape-like foliage. Light shade. Low to moderate water needs. 25-30 degrees F. 
Thysanolaena latifolia Tiger Grass - Grass with tropical foliage to 6-10' tall with Greenish brown flower in late summer. Sun/Light shade. Medium water needs. Hardy to 28 degrees F. 
Trevesia palmata Snowflake Aralia - Evergreen tree to 15-20' with large lobed leaves. Plant in cool full sun to light shade. Medium water needs. Hardy to 25-30 degrees F. 
Trevesia palmata 'Micholitzii' Snowflake Aralia - Evergreen tree/shrub 15-20' w/large dissected dark green leaves that first emerge gray & downy. Light shade. Regular irrigation. Hardy to 25-30 F. 
Tricyrtis 'Empress' Empress Toad Lily - New Tricyrtis formosana hybrid w/very large, dark spotted flowers late summer. Shade/part shade. Prefers moist, humus-rich soil. Cold hardy below 0. 
Vallisneria gigantea (Aquatic) Giant Eel Grass - Aquatic plant. Full-part sun. 4'-6' long leaves. Plant under water 1' to 6' deep. Great oxygenator and fish habitat! 
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