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Products > Aloe microstigma 'Calitzdorp'
Aloe microstigma 'Calitzdorp' - Cape Speckled Aloe

Habit and Cultural Information
Category: Succulent
Family: Aloeaceae (Aloes)
Origin: South Africa (Africa)
Evergreen: Yes
Flower Color: Red & Yellow
Bloomtime: Winter
Synonyms: [A. brunnthaleri, A. juttae]
Height: 1-2 feet
Width: 1-2 feet
Exposure: Sun or Shade
Summer Dry: Yes
Irrigation (H2O Info): No Irrigation required
Winter Hardiness: 20-25 F
Aloe microstigma "Calitzdorp Form" (Calitzdorp Small Spotted Aloe) - Rosette-forming succulent that is usually solitary or sometimes found in small clumps to 2 feet tall with long tapering white-spotted blue-green leaves that can have red hues when stressed and have small red teeth along the leaf margin and longitudinal lines through the leaves, which lie flat at first and arch upward with age. In the middle of winter arise several unbranched spikes of flowers that are at first red and upright in bud and then open when pendant to orange and lighten to a yellow orange, looking a bit like a torch lily (Knifophia). This aloe is noted for being particularly floriferous and for the bi-colored flowers that some forms have while others are noted as being more reddish or pure yellow. This form from Calitzdorp, in the Little Karoo, has flowers that are all bicolored red and yellow. This aloe is a common and widely distributed plant in the dry inland areas of the Western and Eastern Cape Provinces and is a great plant in cultivation in sparsely irrigated California gardens, but it can tolerate more regular irrigation if soil drains well. Plant in full sun. This plant has been noted as hardy to the low 20s by Brian Kemble at the Ruth Bancroft Garden but some note the winter flowers can sometimes be damaged by frost. The specific epithet 'microstigma' used for this plant is of Greek origin and means "small spot" in reference to the spots on the foliage ('mikros' for small and 'stigma' for "spot") though this same epithet, derived from Latin, is used for other plants to indicate short stigma lobes in the flower.  The information on this page is based on research conducted in our nursery library and from online sources as well as from observations made of this plant as it grows in our nursery, in the nursery's garden and in other gardens that we have observed it in. We also will incorporate comments received from others and always appreciate getting feedback of any kind from those who have additional information, particularly if this information is contrary to what we have written or includes additional cultural tips that might aid others in growing Aloe microstigma 'Calitzdorp'.