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Mimulus 'Jelly Bean Purple Pink' Jelly Bean Magenta Monkeyflower - Evergreen shrub to 1-2' tall x as wide w/dark foliage & pale magenta flowers. Full sun/light shade. Good drainage. Low water needs. Hardy to 20 F.   
Mimulus 'Jelly Bean Red' Jelly Bean Red Monkeyflower - Evergreen shrub to 1-2' tall & wide w/dark foliage & dark red flowers. Full sun/ light shade. Good drainage. Low water needs. Hardy to 20 F.   
Mimulus 'Jelly Bean White' Persoff Hybrid White Monkeyflower - Evrgn shrub 1-2' tall & wide dark lvs & white flwrs. Full sun/ light shade. Good drainage. Little H2O. Hardy to 20 F.  [Mimulus 'Princess Wendy', Diplacus] 
Mimulus 'Pumpkin' Orange Monkey Flower - Evergreen shrub to 2' tall w/large bright orange flowers nearly year-round. Plant in sun/part shade. Good drainage. Drought tolerant. 20-25F.  [Diplacus] 
Mimulus puniceus Red Sticky Monkey-flower - Small evergreen shrub to 2-3' tall x as wide w/ orange flowers spring-fall. Full sun/ light shade. Good drainage. Low water needs. Hardy to 15 F.  [Diplacus aurantiacus var. puniceus] 
Miscanthus sinensis 'Adagio' Dwarf Maiden Grass - Grass with narrow silver-green foliage to 2-3' tall with fall bronze flowers rising to 5'. Full sun. Regular water. Hardy to -10-20 F.   
Miscanthus sinensis 'Morning Light' Morning Light Japanese Silver Grass - Deciduous grass to 5' tall w/fine variegated lvs & reddish bronze flwrs in fall. Full sun. Low water needs. Hardy to -10 degrees F.   
Miscanthus sinensis var. condensatus Large Silver Grass - Semi-evergreen to 6'-8' tall green lvs & silvery flowers summer-fall. Full sun/light shade. Water occasionally/regularly Hardy to -10 F.   
Miscanthus transmorrisonensis Evergreen Eulalia - Evergreen grass (S. California). Sun/light Shade. Low water needs. Reddish brown flowers in late spring-winter. 3-4' tall. Hardy to -10 F.   
Monarda didyma 'Jacob Cline' Jacob Cline Bee Balm - Tall perennial to 3-5' w/ green lvs & summer large red flowers. Full coastal to part sun. Regular irrigated to wet well-drained soil. Hardy.   
Monardella villosa ssp. franciscana 'Russian River' Coyote Mint - Sub-shrub 1-2' tall x 2-3' wide w/aromatic green lvs & lavender flwr heads in summer. Full coastal sun/shade. Occasional/Infrequnet H2O. Hardy to 10F.  [Monardella franciscana] 
Monstera deliciosa Split-leaf Philodendron - Groundcover vine to 10'+ w/huge dissected dark green lvs.Cool sun to deep shade w/ occasional to abundant H2O. Hardy to 28F.  [Philodendron pertusum] 
Moraea huttonii Large Golden Vlei Moraea - Evergreen cormous perennial to 3' tall w/strap shaped lvs & fragrant spring-summer yellow flwrs. Full sun. Regular H20. Hardy to 0F.  [Dietes huttonii] 
Muehlenbeckia complexa Wire Vine - Twining evergreen vine or sprawling groundcover w/dark stems & small light green lvs. Full sun/ light shade. Regular/occasiona H2O. Hardy to 10-15F.  [Muehlenbeckia axillaris, Hort.] 
Muhlenbergia asperifolia Alkali Muhly - Fine textured rhizomatous grass w/narrow green lvs & light cathing small flwrs. Full/part sun. Well-drained soil. Occasional to little H2O. Hardy <0F.   
Muhlenbergia capillaris Hairy Awn Muhly - Warm season grass to 2-3' tall w/airy pink flowers fall into winter. Full sun. Low water needs. Hardy to <15 degrees F.   
Muhlenbergia dubia Pine Muhly - Evergreen clumping grass 2-3 feet tall with narrow flower spikes in late summer to 4'. Full sun. Low H2O needs. Hardy to 0-10 F.   
Muhlenbergia dumosa Bamboo Muhly - Evergreen grass 4-6' tall w/fine light green leaves small pale purple flowers in fall-winter. Full sun. Drought tolerant. Hardy to 15-20 degrees F.   
Muhlenbergia emersleyi Bull Grass - Clumping evergreen grass 2-3' tall w/purple flwrs in fall. Plant in full sun/light shade. Well drained soil. Little irrigation required. Hardy to 0 F.  [Muhlenbergia gooddingii] 
Muhlenbergia lindheimeri Lindheimer's Muhly - Summer-growing grass w/ 3-5' tall gray foliage & purple-gray flwrs to 4-6' tall in fall. Full sun. Low to moderate water. Hardy to <15 degrees F.   
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