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Grevillea 'Kings Sunrise' PP33,941 Evergreen shrub 8-9' tall with soft gray-green dissected lvs and white budded orange flwers year round. Full sun. Little H20. Hardy to 20-25F.   
Grevillea lanigera 'Coastal Gem' 2001 UCSC Introduction - Low spreading shrub (1' x 4') w/narrow gray-green leaves & tight clusters of pink-red & cream flowers in winter/spring. Hardy to 20'. Low H2O needs.   
Grevillea lanigera 'Prostrate' Prostrate Woolly Grevillea - Evergreen shrub 2' tall x 4' wide with arching stems and pinkish cream flowers in winter-spring. Full sun/Light shade. 20-25 degrees F.  [G. lanigera 'Mt. Tamboritha', ‘Jade Mound'] 
Grevillea lavandulacea 'Penola' Lavender Grevillea - A compact, drought-tolerant shrub 4-5' tall by 8' wide with gray foliage & rose-red flowers on arching branches. 20-25 F. Sun. Good container plant.   
Grevillea 'Long John' Evergreen shrub to 10-15' tall x 8-12' wide. Rose-pink and white flowers in spring. Full sun. Drought tolerant. 25-30 degrees F.   
Grevillea 'Magic Lantern' Evergreen shrub to 3' tall by 10' wide w/gray foliage - coral-red flowers in fall-winter. Plant in full sun. Low water needs. Hardy to 28 degrees F.  ['Gilded Dragon', G. thelemanniana ssp. hirtella] 
Grevillea 'Moonlight' Upright shrub 8-12' tall by 6-8' wide w/ivory flwrs year-round. Plant in full sun, well drained soil. Occasional deep irrigation. Hardy to 25F.   
Grevillea nudiflora 'Medusa' Bare Flowering Grevillea - Prostrate shrub 10' wide w/narrow curved lvs & red flwrs. Sun/light shade. Little H2O. Seaside plantings. Hardy to 20-25F. UCSC Koala Blooms Intro.  [Grevillea nudiflora 'Pt. Ann'] 
Grevillea 'Peaches and Cream' PP18,035 Shrub 6-8' tall by slightly wider w/yellow & pinkish orange flwrs year-round. Plant in full sun, well drained soil. Little irrigation. Hardy to 23F.   
Grevillea petrophiloides 'Big Bird' Pink Pokers - Shrub 4-6' tall/wide w/divided lvs & spikes of violet flwrs fall-spring. Full sun/ Good drainage. Drought tolerant. Hardy to 28F? UCSC Koala Blooms   
Grevillea 'Red Hooks' Evergreen shrub to 8-15 ft. tall w/ red, toothbrush flowers winter-spring. Sun/Light shade. Well drained soil. Low water needs. Hardy to 20F.  [Grevillea hookeriana, Hort.] 
Grevillea 'Scarlet Sprite' Evergreen shrub 3-5' tall x 4-7' wide w/green pine needle lvs & rose pink flowers late winter to spring. Full sun. Drought tolerant. 20-25 degrees F.  [G. rosmarinifolia 'Pryor's Hybrid'] 
Grevillea 'Spirit of ANZAC' PP29,372 Evergreen shrub 8-10' tall with silver-green dissected lvs and red flwers year round. Full sun. Little H20. Hardy to 20-25F.  [G. 'RSL Spirit of ANZAC'] 
Grevillea tetragonoloba 'Ray's Red' Low shrub w/fine dissected lvs and orange-red toothbrush flwrs late winter-spring. Full sun/light shade. Little H2O. Hardy to 25F.  [Grevilleahookeriana, Hort.] 
Grevillea thelemanniana 'Baby' Spider Net Grevillea - A low groundcover to 10" tall by 4' wide with soft green lvs and red flowers much of the year. Full sun/light shade. Occasional H2O. Hardy to 25F.   
Grindelia stricta var. platyphylla 'Ray's Carpet' Coastal Gum Plant - Low groundcover to 2-3+' wide w/mid-green lvs & yellow daisy flwrs. Full/ part sun. Infrequent to occasinal H2O. Most soils. Hardy to 20-25F   
Griselinia littoralis Broadleaf - Evergreen shrub to 10'x10'. A great free standing espalier. Cool full sun/ light shade. Water regularly. Hardy to 20-25 degrees F.  [Pukateria littoralis] 
Griselinia lucida Puka - Evergreen shrub 8-12' tall w/large bright green lves. Sun/Part shade/Shade. Water moderately to occasionally. Hardy 20-25 degrees F.   
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