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Aeonium 'Mint Saucer' Green Aeonium - Succulent to 2-3' tall with large green rosettes. Part sun. Drought tolerant. Yellow flowers in summer. 25-30 degrees F.   
Aeonium nobile Noble Aeonium - Rosette forming succulent w/large heads of thick green lvs & brght red flwrs when mature. Full sun/light shade. Occasional to little H20. Hardy to 25F   
Aeonium 'Plum Purdy' Plum Purdy Aeonium - Succulent to 2-3' tall w/rosettes of plum colored lvs & spring yellow flwrs. Full sun in well drained soil. Irrigate occasionally. Hardy to 25-30F.   
Aeonium 'Pseudotabuliforme' Green Platters - Succulent to 18" tall with shiny green leaves in flat rosettes. Plant in full coastal sun to full/part shade. Occasional water. Hardy to 28 degrees F  [A. undulatum ssp. pseudotabuliforme] 
Aeonium 'Purple Queen' Succulent 2-3' tall w/ large green centered red leafy rosettes & yellow flowers in summer. Part sun. Drought tolerant. Hardy to 25-30 F.   
Aeonium sedifolium Small succulent to 6-12" tall /small rounded leaves & yellow flwrs in spring. Well drained soil. Summer dormant. Great small pot plant. Hardy to 30 F.   
Aeonium simsii Sims Aeonium - Dense succulent groundcover w/rosettes of green lvs & springyellow flwrs. Full/part sun.Well drained soil. Little H2O. Hardy to low 20sF.  [Sempervivum simsii] 
Aeonium 'Sunburst' Copper Pinwheel - Succulent to 18" tall w/ 1' wide rosettes of white variegated green leaves edged coppery red. Little irrigation required. Hardy to about 28 F.  [A. decorum 'Tricolor', A. davidbramwelli cv.] 
Aeonium 'Superb' Red Aeonium - Succulent 2-3' tall w/red tinged green lvs in rosettes - red deepens. Full sun. Well drained soil. Irrigate occasionally/little. Hardy to 25-30F.  [A. 'Splish'] 
Aeonium undulatum Stalked Aeonium - Succulent w/green lvs in rosettes on stout-stems to 3' tall. Summer flwrs drk yellow. Full sun(coastal)/light shade. Summer water. Hardy 25-30 F.   
Aeonium 'Voodoo' Giant Red Aeonium - Succulent w/red-tinged green leaves in rosettes on 4-5' tall stems. Plant in full sun in well drained soil. Low water needs. Hardy to 25-30F.   
Aesculus californica California Buckeye - Summer deciduous native tree 15-20+' tall with pink or white flowers in late spring. Full sun. Low water needs. Hardy to 0F.   
Afrocarpus gracilior African Fern Pine - Evergreen tree to 60' tall with dense dark green foliage. Sun/Light Shade. Water regularly. Hardy to 20-25 degrees F.  [A. falcatus, Podocarpus gracilior] 
Agapanthus 'Brilliant Blue' PP25,966 Brilliant Blue Lily of the Nile - Semi-evergreen perennial 12" tall w/narrow lvs w/30" stems of dark blue flwrs in summer. Sun/light shade. Regular water. Hardy to 19 degrees F.  [A. 'Aga0451'] 
Agapanthus 'Gold Strike' PP20,650 Gold Strike Lily of the Nile - Evergreen perennial to 16" w/summer blue-picotee flwrs on 2' stems. Sun/light shade. Regular H2O. Hardy to 15-20F. Plant Propagation Prohibited.   
Agapanthus 'Grey Ghost' Gray Dwarf White Lily of the Nile - A 'Peter Pan' selection w/gray lvs to 12" tall & 18" stems of white flwrs in summer. Plant in full sun w/regular H2O. Evergreen to 25F - hardy to 15F.   
Agapanthus inapertus ssp. pendulus 'Graskop' Grassland Agapanthus - Deciduous perennial w/2' tall light green lvs & summer dark violet flwrs. Plant in full sun. Regular spring-summer h2o. Hardy to 15 F.   
Agapanthus 'Periwinkle Days' Blue-violet Lily of the Nile - Evergreen strapped leaf perennial to 2' w/violet-blue flwrd to 3-4' in late spring-summer. Sun/Light Shade. Average water. Hardy to 20-25 degrees F.   
Agapanthus praecox ssp orientalis 'Delfina's Blush' Delfina's Lily of the Nile - Evergreen perennial w/white flowers w/violet tinged petal tips on 4' stems. Full sun/light shade. Regular h2o. Hardy to 20 degrees F. 2006 SMG Intro.  [Agapanthus africanus, Hort.] 
Agapanthus praecox ssp orientalis 'Full Moon' PP26,421 Blue Moon Lily of the Nile - Evergreen perennial w/ rounded heads of pale blue flwrs w/dark blue midtripe on 3-4' stems. Full sun/light shade. Regular H2O. Hardy to 20 degrees F.  [Agapanthus africanus, Hort.] 
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