San Marcos Growers Prime Availability List
January 2017

Codes that appear after some prices:

B - Blooming

D - Deciduous, or semi-deciduous at this time.

FA - Only a Few Available

L - Landscape Quality

LB - Landscape Quality - Blooming

LSB - Landscape Quality - Some Bloom

NICE - Plants are nice!

SB - Some Bloom

WOW - Plants particularly nice!

Y - Young Plants

YB - Young Plants Blooming

YL - Young Plants Landscape Quality

YSB - Young Plants Some Bloom

WOW - Prime Pick - plants particularly nice!

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Plant Name 1 gal   3/ 5gal   15 gal   24" Box  
Eleocharis montevidensis                
Fern: Marsilea schelpeana                
Fern: Marsilea vestita                
Hippuris vulgaris                
Myosotis scorpioides                
Myriophyllum aquaticum                
Typha minima (Aquatic)                

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